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  1. mdiada

    mdiada Member

    Ok so I bought a flashed Samsung Galaxy S2 for Boost. The reason I didn't buy the Boost branded Galaxy S2 was the price of the Boost phone is a little too much for me... And yeah, and I don't have enough patience :p

    Anyway. I've got it activated on Boost, and everything -- calls, text, etc -- is working EXCEPT data. A pop-up along the lines of, "Error 67: Registration failure. Your Sprint username/password is not correct, please contact customer service," always pops up. So I contacted the people I bought it from, and they said it is a data error which CAN be fixed. However, they would have to do it over the phone and are not able to help for a little while because they are moving their office to a new location.

    Like I said, I have no patience, lol. Is there any way someone on here can help me out? I bought a phone from these people before and that phone worked perfectly fine, I have no complaints against them at all. So I really don't think I've been ripped off. Even the data was working like normal on my old phone once the correct info was punched in. I just don't remember what information was needed and where it went. So if anyone can help, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

  2. Shincrono

    Shincrono New Member

    I had the same problem on my S2 and it was because my username was incorrect under data profile. to check your data profile dial ##3282# then click on view> data profile. You might need to edit that but you need your msl code to edit.
  3. kolosus

    kolosus Well-Known Member

    I know you lack patience but you should wait for these guys to help you out. Might be the difference between them sorting out your problem or refunding your money back.
  4. mdiada

    mdiada Member

    Well, see, I have done that. Unless my username has changed or something, it's not the problem. But I'm gonna take your advice and wait it out. The guys I bought this phone from finally responded and say they will get back to me ASAP on how to fix the issue. I've just wanted this phone for SO LONG, seriously, ever since it first came out, and now that it's finally within reach, one of the most important aspects of it isn't working, lol. It's frustrating. Oh well. But thank you all for your help! :)
  5. I still tryin to get my s2 activated...i copied all nvitems and went trought qpst and completly copied everything from the incognito and flash it to my S2 and all i get is incoming text, can call or send text...everything matches my donor(MSL, Meid,msid) every tab in qpst i made to match my donor phone, and still nothing...any ideas?
  6. new optimus

    new optimus Well-Known Member

    Ok here are 2 quick thoughts.

    First check the NAI for profile 0, it should be the donor phone meid@sprint.xxxxx
    Then you need to make sure the profile 0 HA and AAA are entered correctly.
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  7. k, now when i enter the ha and aaa password for profile 0 donor "" do i put boost or sprint's ha and aaa passwords? Also when i do enter the passwords, i click on "enter hex value" and enter it and hit ok, i go back to check it and its back on "retain last value"...does that matter? Thanks for your time
  8. close... i got 3g running and it went through hands free activation, it updated prl and it couldnt update firmware but it did say activated, but i cant make a call, it goes to boost and says error 16 switch 2662 or so close its killing me,lol...any ideas?
  9. new optimus

    new optimus Well-Known Member

    when it says error 16 it thinks 2 devices have been active with the same esn.

    You have 2 ways to take care of it, if you have another boost phone just log on to the boost website and put a different phone on the account for 5-7 mins then switch it back.

    Or 2 talk to boost and have them send new provisioning to your phone.

    When you do either of these methods after that immediately do profile update.
    then voice and data should work, if you have error 16 data error again then your going to have to start over getting profile 0 set up.

    And do not touch profile 1 let boost auto set up profile 1 after profile 0 is ready, either by updating profile on phone or doing activation.
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  10. trim81

    trim81 Active Member

    Dial out. Any number.

    It will say error 16


    It will Auto connect you to a representative. They will ask you what phone you are using. Tell them the original boost phone model
  11. I wouldnt connect me to one, it asked to input my boost number but wouldnt recongnize the number and it disconnected the call....the direction new optimus directed me to worked

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