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Galaxy s2 freezing?Support

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  1. jamessharris

    jamessharris Member

    Hi everyone. I upgraded from a iphone 4 to the samsung gs2 today. It's a great phone so far apart from it freezing on me about 20 times today. It's brand new from the orange shop, it all works fine but it just freezes alot and i have to power it off and turn it back on again?

    Would anyone know whats causing this, is it a dodgy handset maybe? Its been charging most of the day but surly it shouldnt do that.

    Any advice would be great. James, My first post btw :)

  2. daivik

    daivik Well-Known Member

    Firstly, welcome to the forum.

    Secondly congratz on making the switch.

    Thirdly, don't worry. Not sure where you stand with Apple, but there will be a fix, so don't go running back to your ip4! :)

    So what apps have you installed?
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  3. jamessharris

    jamessharris Member

    Hi, cheers! :)

    I've installed Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, BBC News and another 1 or 2. I've just uninstalled them hoping one of them was the problem, yet after restarting and playing around for 5 minutes it's happened again.

    I'm going to do a factory reset and see if it still has any problems. I also checked for updates but there arn't any.

    I've searched on the net and on twitter and no one has had this problem so I'm thinking it's the handset :(
  4. daivik

    daivik Well-Known Member

    If it happens once or twice (if you feeling patient) after a reset. Then it's a faulty unit. And btw, don't expect any updates. Like myself, our phones are from carriers (mine from T-Mobile) so the updates are released to everyone, but we have to wait for our carriers to "bloat them" before we get them. But I'm on a T-Mobile unit running KE3, (1 or 2 behind the latest) and my phone is running fine, in every aspect.
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  5. jamessharris

    jamessharris Member

    OK, I'll reset it and see how it goes. I'm on Orange, I did look at the system info and I saw KE2 amongst a bunch of numbers. I know it's very annoying each carrier modifies the updates. Thanks for you're help, I'll report back later!
  6. jamessharris

    jamessharris Member

    Just to reply on a update to my problem. After another day of the phone freezing even after restoring it i took it back to the orange shop. They were happy enough to replace it with a new sg2 handset. I can now say after 4 days of use so far the handset hasn't froze up once. That first one i had must of been dodgy in some way.
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  7. daivik

    daivik Well-Known Member

    Glad it's all working now....Now you can truly enjoy it :)
  8. mindblitz

    mindblitz New Member

    Exactly the same thing happened to me. Fresh bought from the store and it froze two times the same day. Now, it freezes regularly, when it is not in use. While it is frozen, the screen blinks with words "Samsung Galaxy SII GT-I9100".

    I updated the firmware to KG1. I also hard reset to factory settings. Those did not help, and I will be taking it back to store only after two days. I believe it is also a faulty unit, and hearing people with no problems with their GS2, I won't be going iphone, and stick with android.
  9. evohicks

    evohicks Well-Known Member

    The problem with my S2 was when scrolling between photo's in gallery, it was pixelating the screen, almost like it was struggling to display the picture, not a major problem but I thought I would contact tech support anyway, posted it on wednesday, got a replacement today, everything is fine now, maybe there are just a few dodgy handsets out there :)
  10. mindblitz

    mindblitz New Member

    Update on the issue: I returned the handset and had it replaced with another GS2. After a week's use, no problems whatsoever. Faulty unit confirmed.

    I'm writing this to maybe help other people having the same issue.
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  11. KiranShakya

    KiranShakya New Member

    I have similar problem with my Galaxy s2, it freezes specially when I working with photos (browse zoom, move). I gave my set back to vendor, he did something in OS (must be factory setting :) ). Then the things came OK.

    But now the problem again exist. I have just updated the firmware to latest version (PDS:KF3/PHONE:KE7/CSC:KD1 (XEU)). Is there any issue with new firmware and photos?

    Beside updating firmware I have not installed any applications to the mobile.

    waiting for a solution and thanks
  12. LuisGo

    LuisGo Member

    I bought a Galaxy S2 for my wife almost a month ago. She has complained that the unit has frozen during this first month at least three times. Fortunately the device was in the 30 days satisfaction warranty period, and she could return it today to the vendor without problem. I'm sure that, even though this is not a really isolated case, there should not be to many of those with problems out there. I hope the new device be more stable. Besides, I also bought one for me and it is so far running very well.

    BTW, something that could be triggering the problem of my wife's unit is the fact that it had a back silicone cover. Maybe these covers cause some kind of overheating to the devices. I dressed the new phone with the same cover just to test it. If this gets frozen anytime in the future, I will try it without the cover.
  13. General1948

    General1948 New Member

    I hope it's not a case issue, because the S2, while being fantastic, feels (to me) too light and easy to break.

    I bought my S2 from Optus (online) about 5 months ago and it's just started freezing up, so i'm hoping i don't have to send it back for a replacement. because time without a phone, for me, is $$ lost

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