Galaxy s2, Google Calendar and Backup!!!!

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  1. lazagna

    lazagna New Member

    yesterday I reset my phone to factory default, just because I wanted to clean things up a little and this seemed the easiest way.

    So I started with a backup through Kies... reset the phone... restored the backup.... NOTHING came back, not pictures, apps, nothing... my phone was still at factor default.

    so I began to start new.. I wanted my contacts and calendar to update first, so I set up my gmail account and set it to sync. Well, it wiped out my entire Google Calendar ONLINE.... the phone, containing nothing, overrode all of the online data and cleared it out going forward from yesterday.

    Why would it do this, and how do I prevent this from happening again. My calendar online is for our whole family, so there are 5 different calendars and every single one of them got wiped out.

  2. chanchan05

    chanchan05 The Doctor Guide

    I am thinking that somewhere along the way, you made a mistake. I had reformatted my phone twice (once after my first month of the install and try and install cycle where I had over 400 apps, and another after updating from Froyo to GB) and my Google Calendar stayed put.

    I am a bit confused in the part where you set up your gmail account. You mean you already had it syncing before the format, or you only set it up after the format? Because you said you wanted to start new, and it came to me that you formatted, but the backup failed, so you repopulated the calendar, set it to sync, then formatted again and saw your Google Calendar empty?
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  3. lazagna

    lazagna New Member

    I had done the following in this order:
    Wiped and reformatted the phone
    restored the backup
    set up google sync.

    then when I looked at the contacts, they were all there, thought all was good
    then looked at the calendar, nothing there... hmmm.. looked online, and now my online calendar was wiped... immediately grabbed my wife's phone, Galaxy s2 as well, and her calendar already synced with google online, and it wiped out her calendar as well.

    I know there is now not a single way to retreive all the lost data, but I would like to be prepared for when ICS comes out soon.
  4. chanchan05

    chanchan05 The Doctor Guide

    So let me get this: your calendar was populated with entries before you wiped, and then it disappeared after your format? I find it odd. I'm gonna go check my settings.
  5. chrlswltrs

    chrlswltrs Well-Known Member

    I have never heard of that happening before. With as much as I switch phones, flash different ROMs, etc I have "started fresh" easily 50-75+ times in the last couple years and that has never happened to me. I have never heard of it happening to any of my family or friends either.

    Wish I could help more, that is just a really odd situation.
  6. lazagna

    lazagna New Member

    So you're saying I did everything right, I just should have double checked that the backup contained the data, or I should have disabled the Google Sync first? When I was with BB I knew I had to always disable the sync first, because it would double up all the entries. I figured at worst, that is what would happen, but to take my blank Samsung data and delete all the online Google data was a surprise to me.

    Chanchan05 - yes, my Online calendar was populated, and so was my calendar on the Samsung, they were both working great.
  7. chanchan05

    chanchan05 The Doctor Guide

    Honestly, this is a really odd situation and I canit find anything in settings as to why this might happen. Maybe someone will see this with better knowledge.
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  8. lazagna

    lazagna New Member

    I hope you are correct, I would like to figure out why the Kies backup didn't work right so then when I finally get ICS it will work correctly and not clear my calendar.

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