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  1. src1

    src1 New Member

    Since upgrading to Ice cream Sandwich the performance of Navigation that comes preloaded on the phone has had trouble locating my position and can spend over 40 minutes trying to locate my location preventing the navigation app from working correctly.
    Anyone else had this problem? or any thoughts on how to fix this?
    I have reset the phone but the problem still persists. I would revert bback to gingerbread but dont know how to do that either.

  2. chanchan05

    chanchan05 The Doctor Guide

    It should take time ONLY for the initial fix since there would be no "last position" cache anymore. Does it take 40min everytime?
  3. newbie4

    newbie4 Well-Known Member

    well I purchase the Note with navigation in mind like gps but it required data connection. Just got back and what can I say the old gps with old maps worked I will go back to it after trying to update to Android note but data connections are to darn expensive and the old gps did a satisfactory job will try to get updated maps since it was from 2005. Only pull out the Note once to view map location of the area I was driving in would have like to travel with just my phone but had allot of extra baggage.

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