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Galaxy S2 HD LTE in another countryGeneral

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  1. hell911

    hell911 Member

    im from philippines, will the SGS2 HD LTE bought from here will work in other countries, like canada?

  2. jeremy_inc

    jeremy_inc Well-Known Member

    Yes, uses same frequencies as normal GSM
  3. Shotgun84

    Shotgun84 Well-Known Member

    You can buy the lte hd in Canada so there shouldn't be any problem with it working there. The 2g and 3g specs are the same as the international so you should be able to use it in most countries. You won't be able to get a 4g connection everywhere though as a lot of countries don't support that yet.

    Edit: nice ninja jeremy_inc
  4. hell911

    hell911 Member

    is the SGS2 HD LTE called SGS2 Skyrocket HD?
  5. kopkiwi

    kopkiwi Well-Known Member

  6. gailstorm

    gailstorm New Member

    hi, i am trying to download a driver for my samsung s2...can anyone tell me what to get?? all of them have like i777 or 9100..what the crap is that??
  7. gerajules

    gerajules New Member

    my galaxy s2 hd lte turn to blackscreen. can you help me plss to fix it....
  8. euclidrv

    euclidrv New Member

    have you tried usinf globe 4g if it works here in the philippines?

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