Galaxy S2 is not connecting to the AT&T mobile networkSupport

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  1. zs3889

    zs3889 Member

    Hi guys, I have been a owner of this phone since it came out last year. It has been serving me perfectly fine until 2 weeks ago I wasn't able to connect to the AT&T mobile network at all. My data usage hasn't reached the limit, in fact it is not even close to the limit yet.

    Is there anything that I can do before going for help at the AT&T retail store?

    On a sidenote, my phone charger is not working well (it is kinda loose, it won't connect properly with my case on, I think it might have been my fault for pulling out with too much force, I remember doing that accidentally once), do you guys think I could go to the AT&T store and get it replaced?

    Thanks for you feedback!

  2. goods

    goods Member

    I had that problem once. I turned the phone off, pulled the battery, replaced it and turned the phone on. Problem solved.
  3. zs3889

    zs3889 Member

    Nope, didn't work :( I even removed the sim card.
  4. dwykofka

    dwykofka Well-Known Member

    Have you tried disabling cellular data and re-enabling it in the settings?

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