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Galaxy S2 LTE HD (SGH-I757M) battery compatibilityGeneral

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  1. undecidedme

    undecidedme New Member


    as we all know the s2 is really a great phone but the battery life is its real disadvantage. I am looking to buy an extra battery but since my phone was only release maybe 2 weeks ago by Bell in Canada there is no battery yet on amazon or any online shops that specifically says compatible for my model number.

    Would anyone know which models uses the very same battery as mine ? i have been trying to figure it out so i can order the proper battery online. the closest in terms of physical appearance is "AT&T Samsung GALAXY S II Skyrocket Battery SGH-I727" but i want to make sure the i can use their battery.

    Kindly help which specific models uses the same battery.

    If you know a place that is reliable that can sell a compatible battery for me please advise. I really do not want to go with the extended batteries that would need a new back cover for the phone because i dont like the great design to be destroyed. i am more open to getting an extra battery handy or i've seen an extended slim battery which adds like 2-3 hours of phone life.

    thank you all

  2. gluasad

    gluasad New Member

    Hi, I'm Gluasad. In my next post I will give you a link to the extended battery replacement that you seek.
  3. gluasad

    gluasad New Member

  4. djwryly

    djwryly New Member

    Hi undecided,

    I've recently bought the Bell Galaxy s2 LTE HD and am in the same boat as you; it's bloody hard to get info on this phone's battery compatibility. I Even called Samsung Canada, and their battery distributor, microcell, doesn't seem to have replacement options... hopefully some of my initial research can help you. Do not buy the battery for the SGH-I727, as it will not be compatible with your model. All of the non-HD versions of the Galaxy S2 LTE (as well as the Telus Galaxy S2-X) use a four pin battery, while the HD uses a three pin system.

    As mentioned in the last post, I'm pretty sure the only thing out there that has a compatible battery is the Galaxy s2 LTE HD SHV-E120L and E120S. I have looked extensively at the images on google, and it appears that this is definitely a three pin battery. I am going to take the plunge and order a package that has 2 OEM batteries and an external charger today (there are some good options and deals on Ebay for this model #, some even claiming up to 2100 mAh), so if you're willing to sit tight to hear whether it works, I can pass on the info when the batteries arrive.

    Hope this helps

    Update: I just heard from an Ebay seller that she has read that the battery for the Galaxy SII D710 (Samsung Epic 4G Touch) is also compatible. If so, Andida has a battery that is extended capacity, without an increase in size, and I've read some good things about these units. She is going to confirm this with the Andida rep, so I think that's the direction I'll go in if they are compatible (seller is in Quebec too, so delivery would be cheap/fast).
  5. djwryly

    djwryly New Member

    Hi Undecided,

    Here is the information I received from Ebay seller Ladyblue about the Andida 2250 mAh battery:

    "I believe the S2-HD Battery will fit. It is the exact same dimensions.
    It has 4 pins but the 4th pin is not used (See picture attached)
    the first pins is at 8mm from the edge and the 3rd pin is at 13 mm from the edge"

    I'm going to give it a try and see if the advertised high-capacity pans out, as I'd also like to find something with a bit more juice than that the stock 1850 mAh, without going to a fat-back 3800.
  6. bbabiuk

    bbabiuk Member

    Has anyone made headway on this yet? Accessories for this device are likely going to be a tough go as AT&T dropped it before release. I too wanted an extended battery. Since a few of you are taking the plunge I eagerly await your results.
  7. bbabiuk

    bbabiuk Member

    Bump. Anyone take the plunge and test out a battery?
  8. djwryly

    djwryly New Member

    I did get the Andida 2100 mHa battery for the Epic 4G Touch, and while the phone would power up, it would not charge... When the charger was plugged into the phone, a "battery not recognized" message appeared.

    So I'm back to my initial plan of getting an OEM battery for SHV-E120L and E120S (international S2 HD LTE) and trying this out. There are some very affordable postings for this battery on ebay, so if it doesn't work, I'll only be out 15 bucks (they are also NFC enabled batteries, which is a plus, but only hold 1850 mHa, unfortunately). I will post another comment if I get one and test it.
  9. markdidham

    markdidham New Member

    Any updates to this thread? I'm a new S2 HD LTE owner myself and would like this to either have an extra battery or an extended one.
  10. killerfooty

    killerfooty New Member

    I have the Bell Galaxy S2 HD LTE and I gotta ask, has anyone been able to get NFC going on this device? It won't scan any tags or give me any data? Does this thing even ship with an NFC-antenna battery out of the box? Or is this an ICS update thing?

    I'm getting insanely frustrated....
  11. struct

    struct Member

    djwryly or anyone, did you get to test if the battery for the SHV-E120L and E120S (international S2 HD LTE) were compatible with the Bell Galaxy s2 LTE HD ? Love to know if they are compatible, really need a backup battery for my Bell Galaxy s2 LTE HD.
  12. gentledroid17

    gentledroid17 Member

  13. gentledroid17

    gentledroid17 Member

  14. struct

    struct Member

    gentledroid17, have you tested that battery with this phone ?.... I read on the internet that wasnt true
  15. struct

    struct Member

    gentledroid17, I contacted the person on that ad, The Battery Ladie, she said it will not work with the I757:(
  16. gentledroid17

    gentledroid17 Member

    i should be getting it this week so fingers crossed........
  17. gentledroid17

    gentledroid17 Member

    i received the battery today. i used it for a few hours. going to give it a full charge overnight and see how long i can get out of it tomorrow.

    will update tomorrow.
    struct likes this.
  18. struct

    struct Member

    thats great news!!!! can't wait for the results tomarrow....
  19. redinak

    redinak New Member

    the Battery for the i777 and the i727 are different sizes and the i727 battery will not fint in the i777. I have both devices
  20. ezechias

    ezechias New Member

    Hi, am having same issue as killerfooty. NFC does not work on this model. Is it an issue with the battery or something else. The NFC option is available in the settings, so i guess the NFC chip is present within the phone.


  21. michelphoto

    michelphoto New Member

    Just received an extended 3800 mah battery and back cover for for the E120L SII HD LTE: battery fits and is currently chargin. Obviously the extended back cover does not fit, but interrestingly, there is an NFC antenna with contact points in the interior of the extended case which the Bell model DOES NOT HAVE. I will have to find another back cover to modify it for the thicker battery. I guess i might try to transfer that antenna into the modified back cover, but until then NFC is non-functionnal as Bell did not see the reason to include the NFC antenna.
  22. axehole54

    axehole54 New Member

    I bought an e120s replacement back cover from eBay for about 10 bucks. I then gently pried the nfc antenna off using a hairdryer and a guitar pick. Once removed I stuck a piece of scotch tape folded over on the non sticky side of the nfc antenna and carefully lined up the contacts to the ones on the back of the phone, then stuck it down. Then I put the back cover on the phone and pressed down on The nfc area. Lifted the cover gently, removed the scotch tape and voila! Nfc antenna is installed and working.

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