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galaxy s2 on t mobile data off line issuesSupport

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  1. mike179m

    mike179m New Member

    hi can anyone help i have a galaxy s2 and the phone keeps going to data connection offline. i have a grey/black box come up saying data connection mode offline and i cant seem to fix it. spent hours on phone to t mobile and they are useless saying they will do reset there side which dont fix it. any ideas?:confused:
    been having this issues for a while now, i try go onto market and it fails to connect asking me to retry and same with the internet coming up as cant connect. i can get on the net and market but not just all the time, i have a 3 g signal and have done many resets on data settings and its fine for first 5 mins then back to its old self. statting to give up on the s2 and wished i`d not left my iphone. to have this amount of issues. one says its meant to be faster than iphone i have to say no its not. unless some one can shed me some light on how to fix issue.

  2. data1025

    data1025 Member

    I had this same issue and it was because my data plan was still set for Blackberry (I upgraded from BB to S2). Anyway it was off and on data and I called customer service and they saw the issue.

    It's worth a look to make sure you don't have a blackberry plan under your "My Account".
  3. mike179m

    mike179m New Member

    i have checked that thanks but still not right. sent handset infor repair and its come back even worse. wont allow no data apps to work , so now second time in for repair and due to collect in 2 days. will see what they did this time but according to the place that checked it they could not find no faults at all. funny tho they updated software and then when i check software version it was not latest software so they effectively rolled it back on the software update.

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