Galaxy S2 Problems with ICSSupport

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  1. jdw1222

    jdw1222 New Member

    have a s2 skyrocket, Bought it used with ICS installed . Seemed to work ok for a month or so but lately it has been freezing up alot. How do I fix this. I am perfectly fine just getting this phone back to the stock settings/operating if someone can please tell me how to do this. Pleas help, as of right now this phone is almost useless.


  2. Frisco

    Frisco =Luceat Lux Vestra= VIP Member

    Hello and welome, jdw.

    Well, menu settings > privacy > factory data reset will put the operating system back to the new condition it was in when first purchased.

    But before doing that why don't you first try just doing some routine maintenance around the application manager. Use that list to go to each app (a time consuming process) and hit the "clear cache" button where ever it is not greyed out. You can also get it to quicken up a bit by hitting "clear data" for each app as well, but then you will be starting over with the games and other apps that you clear data on.

    I also like to do a cache wipe from the recovery menu.. that clears the cache patition (if your device has that partition).

    But my favorite "speeder upper" is to go into all apps and widgets that have the ability to sync, clear their caches, such as Facebook, Gmail, other email, weather and news etc, and then set them all to "manual" rather than some time interval to sync. This is a BIG resource drainer: syncing apps and widgets. Use them when you want to, on demand, rather than having them poll their sources for new data all the darned time. ;)
  3. jdw1222

    jdw1222 New Member

    Ok, Thanks for the responce! I gave it a try and will let you know if it works.

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