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  1. ironass

    ironass Well-Known Member

    I thought it might be useful to have this, "Off Topic Thread", thread, (OTT). on this section of the forum so that the regular threads do not get cluttered with chit chat, jokes, news, abuse, etc:

    I know, I'm just as guilty as the rest!

    I also know that there are other sections of the forum that allow this but, if you're anything like me. you tend not to go to anywhere but here and the General SGSII forum. I only discovered a 3 month old Visitor message the other day!

    Besides, the mod's have been very tolerant with us so far on, "off topics", or, more likely, they have just consigned us all to the loony bin.

    Perhaps sntaylor could kick it off with the birth of his baby!

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  2. Sydney99

    Sydney99 Well-Known Member

    So who will be first to post a battery/Rom/kernel question on this thread then?.........

    Not sure on this idea rusty bum, who would want idle chit chat and general tomfoolery with other forum members??
  3. sntaylor

    sntaylor Well-Known Member Contributor

    Does That Mean No One Can Comment On Any Other ots Until I Can Finally Get On Here Tomorrow Evening After Baby Is Born? Lol
  4. ironass

    ironass Well-Known Member

  5. Sydney99

    Sydney99 Well-Known Member

    With 4 of my own, I know only too well how pointless it is being present at the birth. I also know from all the other dads in the school playground that the chances of being allowed to go to the pub rather being at birth are the wrong side of zero.

    It's time for men to make a stand on this and bring back that tradition. You can be first Taylor old boy....
  6. sntaylor

    sntaylor Well-Known Member Contributor

    If I Was To Become The First, I Certainly Won't Be getting Old! Lol

    I'd Say The Good Money Would Also Be On Para!

    I Can't Even Get Having A Last Drink Before He Arrives Just In Case Anything Was To Happen..... On The Plus Side, I SHOULD get To Watch The Rugby Next Week! (Was Meant To Be Working!)
  7. Twinn

    Twinn Well-Known Member



    I just can`t read your texts! Don`t tell me u can`t fix this a you are THE ONLY one on this forum who has such problem...
  8. sntaylor

    sntaylor Well-Known Member Contributor

    Lol, honestly I've tried(currently on the nexus!) I think it's to do with the dolphin browser that I use, but I like that one because of the format of bookmarks and flash player works, will maybe give chrome another go on the s2 as the capitalisation annoys me, especially when auto space doesn't work!
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  9. sntaylor

    sntaylor Well-Known Member Contributor

    Let's see now, there ya go, it was def just an issue on the version if, I shall start using chrome from now on, when on here! ;-)
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  10. dynomot

    dynomot Well-Known Member

    Are you trying to get him killed Syd !?

    You know, and I know, being "allowed" is not an issue, we could have gone to the pub, learnt of our fatherhood after several rounds over the phone then gone the next day to the maternity ward with a huge bouquet............................................................................................................................................................... have our balls nail gunned to the ceiling by our adoring other half.

    Seriously sntaylor, congratulations. Practically, being at the birth you feel like a bystander however your presence is required and not optional, trust me.
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  11. Twinn

    Twinn Well-Known Member

    Btw, instead of checking adnroid forums from browser, why not install Phandroid app available in Play store ? :) It`s very useful and fast!
  12. Sydney99

    Sydney99 Well-Known Member

    At least then we wouldn't have to tolerate the persistent capitalisation
  13. Sydney99

    Sydney99 Well-Known Member

    so, what the hell happened to our beloved phandroid forum over the weekend??
  14. dynomot

    dynomot Well-Known Member

    You mean it appeared to be down at certain times, Syd?
  15. Hawker

    Hawker Well-Known Member

    Crunchy Poo Helicopter
  16. dynomot

    dynomot Well-Known Member

    Well Ironass' nagging and pestering has finally driven our Welsh member round the bend (hence the picture of him looking a soggy moggy), the men in white coats are on their way.
  17. dynomot

    dynomot Well-Known Member

  18. ironass

    ironass Well-Known Member

  19. Slug

    Slug Check six! Moderator

    After discussion amongst Staff it's been decided that this topic is proper (for now, anyway) to The Lounge, in line with how other such "Hang-Out Threads" have been dealt with.
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  20. Sydney99

    Sydney99 Well-Known Member

    oh, do behave slug old bean :thumbdown:
  21. Gmash

    Gmash Well-Known Member

    Don't be upset, the Lounge is where all the cool kids hang out!
  22. Slug

    Slug Check six! Moderator

    LOL! Describing myself or IA as "kids" requires a huge stretch of imagination. We are pretty cool though. :)
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  23. ironass

    ironass Well-Known Member

    So, you are not saying that your decision is set in stone then?

    My point exactly!

    It's not Gmash's fault that he does not realise that the hard core of posters and users on the SGSII, "All Things Root", thread are middle aged or, in the case of sntaylor, rapidly heading that way. In fact, we can even boast a septuagenarian among our number.

    Some of the members have grown up not only with the SGSII but with each other and have come to know each others strengths and weakness's with regards to the SGSII and rooting.

    We know that Hawker is a boffin and Welsh and, with the right incentives, come up with any one of a number of scripts for the SGSII to enhance our lives and will do most things so long as it doesn't involve buying a drink.

    We know that Sydney99, alias Syd, is the K.o.D. to most SGSII rooted kernels and, with very little encouragement, will throw himself recklessly into testing things that the rest of us think twice about.

    We know that sntaylor is a young whipper snapper, 26, about to, if not already, become a very nervous, first time father whose reviews and help for others on the forum will be missed until the novelty of being a new dad has worn off... by next Monday I guess if he cannot watch the rugby on Saturday.

    We know that another stalwart, Twinn, who is resident in Ireland is originally from Romania, I believe, and now knows the meaning of grovelling but is not afraid to ask questions and question things about the SGSII and rooting.

    We know Shotgun84, or Shotty as he is affectionately known, took the AF oath and became a Guide and then switched to the SGSIII but still claims to update his SGSII modem thread... when he can find his way there.

    We know dynomot for his input and humour who, thanks to giving his SGSII a bath, is joining Shotty in the SGSIII ranks.

    We know bigbrithesecon, 70+ years of age and worried that he might be troubling us or not be able to root or flash a ROM to his SGSII and has now successfully managed to do both and is looking for fresh challenges.

    We know SCPadgeebar who will ferret out a ROM or a mod for the SGSII from a mile away and publish a detailed report on it.

    We know glore2002 from Argentina who always has problems with his modems on the Movistar network but is willing to give anything a go, and has, over the years.

    We know parag1dubey from India and his constant attempts to reduce his wakelocks and improve on his EDGE signal for his SGSII, not too mention that we all know he will ask about battery life on any given kernel or ROM about an hour after it has been released.

    Not to mention lotsip81, cozins17, Calvo1, webby62, chrisweb23, vosg, FireBirdStud, etc: etc:

    We know the newcomers to the rooted SGSII, such as the enthusiastic kelis32, hippityhop, ivanv, EvelineGirl, FinancialWar and the list goes on and on and includes those who just dip in and out when they have a query or problem.

    We have even come to know the regular mod's and guides that support our little section of the forum right from the early days of the launch of the SGSII and the ability to root it, mod it and flash ROM's. Slug, the sheriff of All Things Root SGSII and whose help and knowledge has provided me with the ability to assist others. Parstifarian, Scary Alien, El Presidente have all helped to make the SGSII All Things Root section what it is today and I think that these guys would admit that we cause very few problems and are, by-and-large, self policing.

    Which brings me to my point... the one thing that has brought us all together is not only the SGSII but the, sometimes frustrating and potentially dangerous, rooting and flashing of the SGSII. There is nothing more satisfying than gaining the power over your SGSII by rooting it and then taking it to the next step and flashing ROM's, modems and kernels. Sure, the same can be said about any of the newer Android phones but since the SGSII is now getting on for two years old and some of us, including the mod's have been with it for that time, we have no wish to blot our copybook and break the Off Topic rule at this stage but like the native Americans and their reservations, we would just like one thread on the All Things Root forum that would allow us to break the Off Topic rule sometimes. One that is contained within our own little section of Android Forums and where we know each other and can see at a glance if anything new has been added to that thread without having to swap forums, before we, slowly but surely, one-by-one, move on to other phones and sections of the forum.

    I'll shut up now!
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  24. EarlyMon

    EarlyMon The PearlyMon Moderator

    Slug's out, I'll respond, he and I (and the other mods) all discussed the move first.

    So - here's the thing - we're trying to keep device forums clean for newcomers to that phone needing support. It may be two years old, but regardless of age, someone is always coming new to a good phone, long after its introduction, and we want to reduce confusion and clutter.

    We know how you feel, others have felt that way too - and we've been soliciting feedback here -

    Hanging in the Lounge has its benefits to you and your compadres and comadres - you get to start to see the bigger picture of AF support in its many forums - and - you may get to meet new friends, who have never owned the SGS2, who may be helpful when the time comes to choose another phone.

    That's just a big win for everyone, right there. :)

    Finally - and this is nothing personal - I live among Native Americans, and I will say that comparing your thread to their nations may not have conveyed what you meant it to, although I will give you a 10 for creativity on that one! :D Otherwise - I think that some might find that rather negative, so, please don't go there, cheers, thanks! :)
  25. dynomot

    dynomot Well-Known Member

    Although I would have liked this thread to stay on the SGS2 all things root board I can see the "managements" point (I am a mod elsewhere, thankless task) but Ironass has made a great and reasoned argument. May I suggest the "Moved" title of this thread linking here from the SGS2 all things root forum is "stickied" to prevent it eventually falling off the front page of that board? Not ideal, but I hope a reasonable compromise.
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