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Galaxy S2 revovery modeGeneral

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  1. chuckd1991

    chuckd1991 Member

    I want to put my S2 (AT&T) into recovery mode for rooting purposes. Everything I've read said to hold down the volume down, power and home buttons at the same time. However, there isn't a physical home button, just the touch sensitive one. Is there still a way to enter recovery or download mode?

  2. mvi57

    mvi57 Active Member

    Recovery mode: with the phone off, press and hole vol+, vol-, and power at the same time. When the initial boot screen is displayed a second time, release the buttons.

    Download mode: plug the USB cable into your computer (only), with the phone off, press and hold vol+ and vol- (not power) and plug the USB cable in to the phone.
  3. lunatic59

    lunatic59 Moderati ergo sum Moderator

    Quick correction ... when the boot screen flashes, release only the power button but keep holding the volume buttons until it boots into recovery.

  4. mvi57

    mvi57 Active Member

    I guess it works both ways then, because I can get my phone into recovery the way I said (and it's the way noted in the XDA forums).
  5. codycorexxx

    codycorexxx Member

    Yes, it does work both ways.

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