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  1. Iron Dan

    Iron Dan New Member

    I don't understand. The Straight Talk began selling the Samsung GALAXY s2 which appears identical to the at&t model. However, after contacting Samsung, it appears this model will not be supported for updates to ICS and JB... what the heck!! Can any fellow ST customers confirm this? I liked the convenience of this deal better than purchasing unlocked online, but I don't want to lock myself into 2.3 for 18+ months... I need 4.1. Is there a workaround or are samsung/straight talk really screwing their customers over like this? Anyone with more knowledge or insight please reply; I need help.

  2. Kindebuhds

    Kindebuhds Member

    i just got one of these myself and i am sweating the same thing. I just left Virgin Mobile (i am no longer a virgin after that experience!!) because of 0 device support and shoddy service in my area. Now i seem to be reading there is no hope here with the galaxy s2 either??!! i mean christ!? i think im going to go for the soup can on a string next. atleast campbels stands behind their products. [/sarcasm]

    But the more i read i realized this phone model is brand new and no development is happening as far as i could tell but as it becomes more popular and virgin and others keep screwing their meal tickets i am hopeful to see development of this phone. I mean christ there was a huge following for the intercept and you wanna talk about junk?! oi!
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  3. tonylc74

    tonylc74 Well-Known Member

  4. TheGodKhaos

    TheGodKhaos Member

    I'm in the same boat as you guys. I just left Boost Mobile with Evo Design 4G, to get the S2 from Straight Talk. Then, Boost turns around, and get the S2. Well, I found that they had it after I brought the S2 on Straight Talk. And, I can't live without ICS. So, I started tinkering.

    I took the AT&T Skyrocket Root Method using Odin. Then, I did try to install CWM Recovery. It failed. But, I did find that this JB does work, and update the phone. But, I learned that if you have a SD card it will not mount. And, the only way to root this phone is through the kernel. Which sucks cause after you flash this through Odin, you technically won't be rooted anymore.

    But, I did flash CWM Recovery after I flashed that. And, it came up but I couldn't flash another ROM because it didn't mount the SD Card in which I did have a ROM on there for the Epic 4G Touch. Which is this version of the phone technically.

    So, I'm uber fed up with Straight Talk and this version of the S2. Which I wanted so BADLY. I'm going back to Boost with my Evo Design until I figure this out. But, I will leave some updates if anyone cares.
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  5. crashsite68

    crashsite68 New Member

    Did you happen to try the Amazon Mp3 app and if so, did you have any issues?

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