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  1. amandus88

    amandus88 Member


    I have a galaxy S2 already for several months.
    The last weeks I have seen that my phone was switching off and on automaticly.
    Do anyone have the same problem?



  2. Russell Ng

    Russell Ng Well-Known Member

    There can be many causes. Problem with installed apps. Defective microSD card. Clashing of firmware due to upgrade of firmware.

    Mind letting us know what you did before the problem occur? What recent apps installed, if you did an upgrade... etc.
  3. amandus88

    amandus88 Member

    It's not the first time that I have seen it, but in the past I tought thay it was because the phone was in my pocket.
    Yesterday the phone was on the table neer of me and he was starting up again without any contact. Now I'am shore that its not because the phone is in my pocket but starting up for another reasen.
    I thik I installed the last months more then 5 or 6 applications.

  4. Russell Ng

    Russell Ng Well-Known Member

    Try uninstalling the apps one by one and then reinstall to see if can eliminate the problem app. List the apps. Maybe someone of the forum have the same issues with the app.

    Did you do a firmware upgrade?
  5. amandus88

    amandus88 Member

    It's still the original firmware.
    The problem is that it's happening not every day. The last time it was one friday last week

  6. kiranbsetty

    kiranbsetty New Member

    Dear Friends,

    I bought this SAMSUNG S2 i9100G around 3 weeks before i dont know what is the problem suddenly my phone is switch off i assumed that maybe i keep in pocket so suddenly the phone has been switch off later when i was in office some times i see the phone suddenly switch off, i am not much familiar of this phone if there is any settings need to be do please let me know friends, as there is currently there is update the version 2.3.6 to 4.0.3 i already updated.

    Waiting for your feedbacks,
  7. Russell Ng

    Russell Ng Well-Known Member

  8. surjeetks

    surjeetks New Member

    I am facing same problem since last last week.

    Today I noticed that my battery was 81% charged when my phone automatically switched off
    Battery Usage was
    56m57s on battery
    Android OS 55%
    Screen 15%
    Media 7%
    Android System 7%
    Cell Standby 4%
    Maps 4%
    Phone idle 3%
    Android Core Apps 2%
    Facebook 2%

    I updated my device to 4.0.3 version last week.

    I don't know whether this problem is due to
    1. NEW update 4.0.3 or
    2. I installed any wrong apps from market
    3. Any software problem
    4. Any hardware problem


    Surjeet ***** Anand
    New Delhi
  9. amandus88

    amandus88 Member

    It seems that I'am not the only with that problem

  10. emptypants

    emptypants New Member

    I have recently purchased a used Samsung S2 LTE running ICS which would turn itself off automatically several times during the day. Turning on the unit would then require a long hold on the power button or removal of the battery. I had tried several possible solutions including wiping the partition cache, cleaning the battery contacts, and completely discharging the battery, but eventually determined that the problem was with my brushed aluminum slim casemate.

    I suspect the tight fitting case would twist the cell phone causing the battery to have a poor contacts and the unit would shut down. I haven't had any problems since I have removed the case.
  11. djoerk

    djoerk New Member

    I had the same problem - and did what was recommended. The system apps you have installed are clashing
    the same can happen on PCs. Any App games do not affect.
    Delete any system apps you had prior to this happening. E. G. 2 virus protections will clash.
    I hope this helps. I did this for mine. Game Apps should be OK.
  12. mhoyrup

    mhoyrup New Member

    Put a piece of paper (double if necessary) at the bottom of the battery to force the battery contacts and the handset contacts together. Worked for me!
  13. y55o

    y55o New Member


  14. amandus88

    amandus88 Member

    I have done it but after a few hours its hapening again

  15. keithbarr

    keithbarr New Member

    Re random shutdown.It makes the galaxy s2 useless as a phone a you cannot be sure it is turned on.I think time for a class action law suite!! The Samsung repair in Thailand shop can't get it right.Any lawyers interested in helping us recouping our money or exchanging for a product that works?
  16. amandus88

    amandus88 Member

    I had the same problem but its solved after a the update from froyo 2.1 to icecram 4.0
    The problem is completly disapeared

  17. Nataly_

    Nataly_ New Member

    i have bought myself this phone 3 months ago...and the day i bought it,it started to turn off automatically..and i have to remove my battery each time i wanna turn it on...
    have tried all the below infos.and nothing yet...
    i had before samsung s plus and it was perfectly working but so disapointed...
    plus i keep on recharching my mobile minimum 3 times per day.....
  18. peter brew

    peter brew New Member

    yes i got my phone in october within a week was cutting off , mine cuts off nearly everyday sometimes 3 or 4 times a day, been in touch with o2 and they are replacing phone with a sony ericson xperia.great phone apart from that.
  19. just123

    just123 Active Member

    I had exactly the same issue with my gf s2 phone. I ended up getting a refund on it and bought her the nexus 4.

    I reset it back to factory defults and ran tbat. It still shutdown and there was no way I wad paying for a phone that kept shutting off. Not much help, I know but the nexus 4 was the same price and she prefers it.
  20. peter brew

    peter brew New Member

    oh and this is my 4th phone since october ( 4 months )
  21. SophieJane

    SophieJane New Member

    Hi all,

    I have commented on another thread, but thought I would leave something here.

    Basically, I am on to my second S2 in two months.It has been for repair to Vodafone and Samsung.

    I was told by Vodafone today that Samsung are aware of the issue. When they receive the faulty phones, they test them to see what the issue is. Sadly, because it's the software, they can't do anything until they find out exactly what the issue is!

    I am so disappointed because it is a great phone. I have written a letter of complaint to Samsung and am really hoping Vodafone might exchange my phone.

    Good luck with it - sounds to me like there is no solution.

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