galaxy s2 vattery is draining quickly and randomly going into driving modeSupport

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  1. camilo

    camilo Member

    I got my sgs2 about a month ago and its been like a dream, battery lasts for a long time phone runs ultra smoothly no glitches and nothing weird has been happening, but these last few days its just been really weird.

    1) it started randomly going into driving mode, i dont even know how to activate it or what it does, but i think its draining my battery

    2)When i was watching a tv show on my phone it thought that there was an hdmi cable connected and wouldnt let me hear anything through my headphones. i exited it several times but it still though there was a cable connected. Then i went straight home and quit it from the task manager and it worked with the headphines but that might have been a coincidence.

    3)When i connect the charger it takes a while to realize that its charging and sometimes stops charging and says that the battery is too hot or too cold but when i feel the phone it feels completely normal.

    4)When i connect the usb cable, other than taking a while to realize that its connected to a charger it doesnt realize that its a usb so i cant transfer files with my computer which i do often

    5)I pressed home before and it took me to some sort of clock which i imagine is for a dock but i have no such thing

    6) Even after using the phone for a while and using several apps the android os has used 59% of my battery, when usually its the display that uses about 30 or 40%

    none of these things had happened before and now they randomly started all at once, i havent downloaded any shady apps so i doubt its malware

    any ideas?


  2. Gearu

    Gearu Well-Known Member

    Opening the voice commands thing can trigger driving mode, and it's sometimes running as a background service.
  3. camilo

    camilo Member

    i never open the voice commands though, it does seem to be running as a service though, anyway i can stop it running altogether?
  4. Gearu

    Gearu Well-Known Member

    I froze it with Titanium backup, doing this gets it to automatically remove/hide itself from the app drawer too.
  5. greggebhardt

    greggebhardt Well-Known Member

    Do a back up and then reset your device. Sounds like you have some 3rd party software that in causing a problem. A reset will tell if it is a hardware or software problem.
  6. camilo

    camilo Member

    how can i back up all of my apps? cause all my contacts are on google so i dont really care about them, its just the apps i care about.
  7. iynCognito

    iynCognito Well-Known Member

    I also had some similar issues with my phone a few days ago. It went into driving mode, the desk clock kept showing, it kept hanging on the lock screen.

    It has resolved now. I suspect it may have been the micro usb port. I did a few soft resets and removed the battery. Also tried gently cleaning the micro usb port. It seems to be working fine now. I now take more care when plugging and removing the charging cable.

    Don't know of this is the same as your problem but give it a go!
  8. nakulbende

    nakulbende New Member

    Hey I am having the same problem...if you have resolved it please suggest me something...
    i will really appreciate that...

    thanks a lot in advance..
  9. geoffibs

    geoffibs Well-Known Member

    Yep - its the USB port. It uses resistance to switch between modes. If there are particles of dust or something in there it will try to switch, which is why it is so random.

    Give it clean with a small brush or something. Somebody suggested a toothbrush - the bristles get in quite nicely I believe. (I used a modellers brush)
  10. kwaka1100

    kwaka1100 New Member

    I had a similar problem...all i did was back up with kies and then factory reset it.... have fun :)
  11. genuss

    genuss New Member

    i had the same problem last week, and i got it fixed.
    what i did was turning off the phone, then taking the battery out of the phone, waited like 7 hours and everything went back to normal. try it, and let me know if ur problem also gets fixed.

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