Galaxy S2 VS Evo 3D

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  1. Wiskid

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    Dec 31, 2009
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    It's upgrade time. The specs between the Galaxy S2 and the Evo 3D are just about identical. Have any of you had a chance to play with both phones and make a determination on which is better? I'm leaning toward the Galaxy, just because it's newer, but I LOVE HTC and SenseUI.

    What's your input?

  2. LBPHeretic

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    May 29, 2010
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    To be honest, upgrading from the Sprint HTC Hero to either of those handsets will be a night and day situation in regards to performance. I have a Sprint HTC EVO 3D and I absolutely love it. :D

    The Sprint Samsung Epic 4G Touch is a great handset too. It comes down to, do you want a handset with a Super AMOLED screen with slightly lower resolution that scores slightly better on benchmarks versus one with an LCD screen with higher resolution that scores slightly lower on benchmarks? Personally, I give benchmarks little credence when you are comparing different handsets. They should be used only to compare the same handset or one that has had changes done, like flashing a new ROM or overclocking, to measure performance changes. I am sure there are people from both the Sprint HTC EVO 3D and Sprint Samsung Epic 4G Touch camps that would heavily lean on their respective handsets. Just look around a little, do some research, read a wide variety of reviews, and make your own decision. :)

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