Galaxy S2 won't turn on and vibrates every 3 seconds

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  1. Yuriy42

    Yuriy42 New Member

    Hello fellow users,

    I am here today because my 6 month old galaxy s2 is having a major problem, It won't turn on! Whenever i turn it on, It goes into the Samsung logo screen then after that it goes into loading the phone but after 2-3 seconds it shuts off and starts vibrating every 3 seconds. Whenever i try putting the battery out and plugging the charger out, it still vibrates.
    The following things I tried -
    * Removing battery
    * Factory Reseting
    * Switching batterys
    * Switching USB Chargers both parts
    * I didn't drop it
    * I didn't update/install any application/virus

    Please Help! This is my only phone!

  2. Atma

    Atma Well-Known Member

    Hi Yuriy :hello: Welcome to AF.

    That symptom is usually an indication of a stuck power button. Try blowing some compressed air around it or use something to see if it can be pulled up a little bit.
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  3. Yuriy42

    Yuriy42 New Member

    Thanks Will do, Ill post the result.
  4. Yuriy42

    Yuriy42 New Member

    I'v tried doing both, didn't work :/
  5. Water11011

    Water11011 New Member

    I woke up christmas morning to find my phone doing the same thing, not turning on, and vibrating every 2 seconds. I managed to fix it on my phone!

    I had done all sorts of screwing around, soft resetting and what not, so i suggest you do all that first. I then plugged in the phone and put it into download mode. After letting my computer figure out what it was, I held down power on the phone until it turned off without downloading or installing anything.

    When I hit power again, it came right on like nothing ever happened!

    Hope this works for you!

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  6. Graham42

    Graham42 New Member

    Confirming this is a stuck power button issue, I had the exact same problem. If i removed the battery, gently pried around the power button, and then put the battery back in, it would usually work then. But i wouldn't recommend doing this because i had to keep doing it and eventually it got to a point where it just wouldn't turn on. Luckily was still under warranty so it was replaced.

    I would recommend backing up your phone ASAP. If it's still under warranty, get it replaced as soon as you can so you don't end up with a phone that wont turn on. It seems to be a common defect with this phone from my research when i had the problem.
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  7. darrenhawaii11

    darrenhawaii11 New Member

    Kinda late but this could help...

    Mine had the exact same conditions, i think mine was like that because my case had a bad cover so my power button was stuck. Don't call your carrier because i have T-mobile and all the guy said to do was trade it in. All i did was use duct tape and put it over the button then wiggle the tape and pull outward so it'll release it. I hope it helps
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  8. icecream6688

    icecream6688 New Member

    I am having the exact same problem.
    At first I thought it was a firmware issue ( i upgrated it to ICS a few month ago)
    so I rooted the phone back to ginerbread. it worked fine for two days. and now it starts to vibrate again.
    i won't turn on, just keeps vibrating.
    i called samsung and tmobile before, and they told me my phone is out of warranty so they can do nothing.
    I only used this phone for a more than a year. its really a piece of shit !!
    samsung's customer service and products suck. wont buy samsung phone again.
    I think I need to buy an iphone
  9. icecream6688

    icecream6688 New Member

    Do you mean you changed a new battery, does it work >
  10. MakSynergy

    MakSynergy New Member

    I have Samsung Galaxy S2 LTE,
    I had similar issue, phone is going vibration on every two seconds,
    On restarting by taking out battery and putting it back it goes on vibration after the LTE and Rogers screens,

    Tried all the ways Odni software and others but phone was not going in download mode, although it shows the download mode screen after that same goes blank dark with vibration on every two seconds,

    Gone through almost more then 10 different technician shops @ pacific malls, some says its CPU is dead, some says motherboard it damaged, some says battery input is damaged, some says software is corrupted need to be updated, some says its water damaged,
    Conclusion they don’t have any clue on this,

    Thanks to forums like this, and others, and all the persons who pointed out for power button or connector issues, so I decided to do it myself, I bought $5 phone opening tools kit, and open the phone by myself at home, take out the battery, unplug all the connectors and plug back again, play of sake politely the motherboard and all three buttons, power, vol up and vol down, put the battery to check

    And finally my phone is up and running with all my data as nothing had ever happened,

    So wish you all good luck who may come across this issue, and Thanks to all those who had resolved this before me by themselves, and guided me,
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  11. toastham

    toastham New Member

    I can confirm as well.

    this just happened to me and I went to store and got new phone but didn't have contacts backed up. removed back, battery and all the little screws with eyeglasses screwdriver, then was able to pry off the rest of the backing which includes the plastic buttons that hit the actual switches. after putting battery back in it boots up just fine and was able to sync contacts with google over wifi and then sync to new phone.

    of course wouldn't have been a problem had I always sync'd contacts, or probably could try to clean and put back together but already got a new phone and sort of destroyed the casing when I was ripping it apart.
  12. StrutWear

    StrutWear New Member

    If you are having trouble with the phone vibrating every couple seconds while plugged in the charger (especially after water damage like mine had).. You need to check the copper plates that connect to the phone when in. I had to clean mine up a bit. Scrape just a little metal object on those little plates and try to restart it. Mine fired right up. Bad connection. I have a Galaxy SIII. Good luck!
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  13. nehamah

    nehamah New Member

    How do i go to the download mode?
  14. Atma

    Atma Well-Known Member

    It depends on which phone you have. The T-Mobile S2 you hold both volume buttons and then connect your phone to the computer. Read this and it might help. :)
  15. codybear1123

    codybear1123 New Member

    I was having the same problem and then put duck tape over the power button like darrenhawaii11 said and wiggled it and pulled out and it works now. Will definitely be getting a new phone soon seeing as mine is a year old and i've put it through hell. Hope this works!
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  16. addamT989

    addamT989 Member

    I bought my T989 off Ebay with this issue a couple weeks ago. EXACT same issues you are having. It was as others said, the power button. It's REALLY small (like grain of rice small), so even with my soldering skills, i decided to send it off to get replaced since it's close proximity to other components that i didn't wanna risk damaging.

    There's a guy on Ebay (Do a search for T989 power button and you'll find his service) that actually sells a service for this. He is EXTREMELY professional, he did a beautiful job, and he had it back in my hand two days after he got it! And it was only $39 which is super cheap when you see how many things could go wrong trying to do this yoruself with a Radio Shack soldering iron and a shaky hand. lol

    I HIGHLY reccomend using his service. And if he determines it's not the button, it's only a $10 charge for his diagnostics.
  17. addamT989

    addamT989 Member

  18. razor1

    razor1 New Member

    yes it is the power switch , I replaced it on one and it fixed it.
  19. chastinaj2013

    chastinaj2013 New Member

    mine does this too idk what it phone wont come on unless you push power button then it goes to samsung logo then goes off.. and starts viberating what should i do i need some steps to do to try and fix this problem
  20. snatch2626

    snatch2626 New Member

    The tape thing worked great, thanks saved time and money.
  21. Xolovereg

    Xolovereg New Member

    Wait can u please explain that in a more detailed manner
  22. smiley2901

    smiley2901 New Member

    Correction.. 4 seconds and.. if you take out the battery and put it back in then bang the on switch on a hard surface for an hour or so it should eventually turn on
  23. ylcc23

    ylcc23 New Member

    So this is gonna sound incredibly dumb but it actually works. The problem may be that there is dirt stuck in the mechanism for your power button, and that's what preventing the phone from staying on. What I did to get the dirt out was rub a toothbrush really quickly over the power button and after a few tries the phone started working again.

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