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  1. Malynne

    Malynne New Member

    I purchased my Galaxy S2 X from Telus about 3 months ago. All in all, I love the phone, but from time to time, it will freeze up. When I pull the battery, sometimes (not every time) the phone will refuse to turn back on. When I plug it in or try to hold the power button to power it back on, it will vibrate for a second, then stop, vibrate then stop, vibrate then stop. This will continue until I pull the battery again, sometimes twice, and sometimes I even have to leave the battery out for 15-20 minutes before it will even boot up again. I have not upgraded to ICS, and my phone is not rooted. Is anyone else having this issue? Any fixes?

  2. Sword Fish

    Sword Fish Well-Known Member

    What is the version of your software on the phone? Settings->About Phone->Android Version
  3. Malynne

    Malynne New Member

    Currently running 2.3.5
  4. Dlskyu

    Dlskyu New Member

    I have the same phone and the same version of the software and had the same problem about a month ago. I install a software to manage the battery and that was when the symptom you described happened. Once I removed it it has not happened since. I don't remember the software.

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