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Galaxy s2x won't ask for unlock codeSupport

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  1. AnujisBerg

    AnujisBerg New Member

    I just purchased the galaxy s2x from koodo mobile.

    I want to unlock it to the telus network so I went and bought a telus sim for it.

    I have not used the phone at all, have not used the koodo sim card at all.

    I attempted to unlock the phone by putting the telus simcard in there, but it does not ask me for an unlock code. It recognizes that an unregistered sim is put into the phone, but it still won't ask me for an unlock code.

    Any help? This is really driving me crazy.

  2. badeshag777

    badeshag777 New Member

    i bought the same phone from koodo and i does not unlock it it works with telus . i m using it from last 15 days. you just go to settings> more> network> search network manually and select telus. it works fine. have fun......
  3. harishgan

    harishgan New Member

    Basically.. Telus and Kodoo are sister companies... U dont need to unlock ur phone to use in these 2 networks...


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