Galaxy S3 4G LITE wont turn on.Support

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  1. Vladornot

    Vladornot New Member

    I have had this phone for about three months,

    It works great, never had issues with it being slow, big screen, awesome.
    But recently it has been prone to just switching off at random. This is the third time it has done this.

    It only happens when the phone is asleep, then Ill press the home button, and nothing happens, Ill hold the reset button combination, still nothing. If I remove the battery and then replace it, the phone will vibrate once, then do nothing. If I replace the battery and then plug it in, it will vibrate once, then do nothing.

    The last two times I got it to work was by leaving the battery, microSD card, and SIMcard out for about 12 hours and then putting them back and plugging the phone in. Then the battery symbol shows up and the phone will boot.

    this is happening more frequently too.
    Any suggestions?
    Thanks in advanced.

  2. damewolf13

    damewolf13 live~laugh~love VIP Member

    Welcome to AF, Vladornot.:)

    First, do you have the American or Australian version of the S3?
    You say that you have had it for about 3 months, and I don't think that the Aus. S3 has been available that long, so if you have the US version, I will move this into the correct forum so that you can get the help for your phone that it needs.

    My personal recommendation is that if your phone is still under warranty (it should be) to take it to the carrier for a replacement.
  3. telety56

    telety56 Member

    i have a very similar issue. on my 2nd s3 vzw.. i am trying no lock screen right now.
  4. ctk1216

    ctk1216 New Member

    Mine died and would not turn on anymore or charge. First they sent me a replacement battery but ended up having to have my phone replaced by Verizon
  5. ishmael2k

    ishmael2k New Member

    I have a 4 week old S3 (Verizon) that is doing the same thing as the OP's phone. So far it has turned on but I got Verizon to agree to replace it. as damewolf13 said get it replaced if possible...

    Disappointed that this is happening as this is my 6th phone through VZW in the past 14 months.... (3-D3, 2-D X2, 1 RazrM, and now the S3) I pushed them hard to get an early upgrade date (got me the RazrM) and then even harder to get them to do a warranty replacement of that with the S3. They do not like switching manufacturers in a warranty replacement.

    I am a network tech and do not abuse or mod my phones as I rely on them to stay in touch with clients.

    Am giving VZW one more chance before I pull my account. We'll see....
  6. damewolf13

    damewolf13 live~laugh~love VIP Member

    Welcome to AF, Ishmael2k!:)
    Glad you have joined us here.
  7. galaxys3sux

    galaxys3sux New Member

    Galaxy S3 is literally the worst phone ever built and Verizon is completely dishonest. I have been struggling with this since August. First the Wi-Fi would not work. Two days after the exchange deadline there was an update and the phone started having the black screen , will not respond to power or home button and will not answer calls. Phone rings, but you can not answer it and you lose the call. You also lose all record of the call and then you have no idea who called. Pull and replace battery and you can use your phone again.For a day a or so if you are lucky. Essentially leaves you without a phone.

    I have been round and round with Verizon for over 2.5 months now. Received two "like new replacement phones" ( a lie-they just send you somebody else's broken phone). Peformed many hard resets, removed SD card and run in safe mode. No good . ALL THREE GALAXY S3 PHONES still die anywere from 3 times a week to 12 times a day. Only happens after the required update loads itself against my wishes. Not 1 piece of downloaded software on the phone except their "update"

    I have now had 3 s3 phones with the exact same problem that can not be attributed to 3rd party software no matter how hard Verizon and Samsung insist that that is the culprit. There is no downloaded software! Which means that my phone is pretty much useless compared to my ancient droid2 that never had any sort of problem after 2 years in my pocket.

    What can I do? Sending me multiple faulty phones is not helping at all. I am missing calls and texts left and right. I paid Verizon top dollar for a device that has never worked correctly. All that money for a brick! VERIZON IS NOT AN HONEST COMPANY AND NO ONE SHOULD DO BUSINESS WITH THEM. They ABSOLUTELY do not back their products. Neither does Samsung. Their is obviously something wrong with the design if phone after phone has the same problem. Verizon should provide me with a comparable replacement, or at least a NEW phone. Not some one else's previously broken phone. They refuse to provide me with a functional device, but expect me to pay them Thousand$ more for the rest of my contract. If you do business with Verizon long enough, you will eventually find yourslf in my shoes. Took 8 years for them to screw me.

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