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  1. rick27607

    rick27607 New Member

    Hello all - not sure if others are experiencing this issue with their Galaxy S3 on AT&T.

    I have not been able to determine a pattern when this happens, but periodically / intermittently, I stop receiving text messages and possibly even phone calls (so my girlfriend tells me ;-). Quite frustrating for her, and eventually me when she vents.

    If I restart the device, the notifications and messages come flooding in.

    Just wondering if anyone has had this issue and if there is a root cause determination and fix.



    1-25-13: I installed and am trying out 'restart connection', 'fast Reboot', 'Signal repair' and the latest is 'Fresh Network' by McStealth which stops and restarts all my network and wifi connections..seems to work but would like to find an app that would do this automatically on a scheduled basis - I requested this functionality to McStealth..will see if I get a reply.

  2. captivater

    captivater Active Member

    It has to do with the Jelly Bean update. I have been told by an ATT rep that they are working on it to fix it. But the problem comes with ATT's LTE. With the new update, you are unable to make or receive phone calls while LTE is running. It is extremely frustrating and I hope they fix it very soon.
  3. jekyll919

    jekyll919 Well-Known Member

    Posting for my girlfriend, but is there anything we can do in the mean time? Her's stopped receiving texts and calls this morning. She keeps her LTE off as per my suggestion for saving battery, so we don't think it's that. She can send texts and calls, but can't receive them. A few people in our area were reporting the same things with different phones, so I thought maybe it was some kind of network upgrade/outage. Either way, she's freaking out.
  4. ardyer

    ardyer Well-Known Member

    That's not true, I do it all the time. There may be a bug win the scheduler or some other piece of software causing these problems, but it isn't because the phone can't make or receive calls while LTE is running.

    My best guess, honestly, would that there is a problem with staying actually connected to the network and that restarting is reconnecting. Something like that could be on either the phone or the network though. I'd call AT&T just in case it is on their end though.
  5. captivater

    captivater Active Member

    It IS a problem with the LTE network. You're telling me your ATT gs3 with jelly bean, when you go to make calls, the 4g LTE symbol stays there and doesn't drop from LTE to plain 4g and then possibly just disappears? If it doesn't do that you're probably the only one. I spoke with multiple ATT reps about the problem and it is known by samsung and att and they are working to fix it.
  6. Stoney62

    Stoney62 Well-Known Member

    I had the same problem with my sprint s3. I finally pulled the trigger and did a factory reset. I think that has fixed the problem-- finally.
  7. ardyer

    ardyer Well-Known Member

    Yup, since I responded I've been paying extra attention. Happened (LTE icon stayed on while on voice call) at least twice yesterday.
  8. texpro1234

    texpro1234 New Member

    My friend is having the same problem. He has a galaxy s2 though. All of a sudden in the last 2 days, he hasn't been able to receive any of my texts only mms but no sms messages. We are both on ATT and I have an Iphone5 if that matters. So this is an issue with the jelly bean update and LTE? He says he can get texts from other people though. Why would it not work with mine?
  9. texpro1234

    texpro1234 New Member

    And he has tried restarting and that doesn't work either.
  10. NoMoreSymbian

    NoMoreSymbian Well-Known Member

    Wow, I don't know if I am happy or sad to find out I am not the only one experiencing this!

    There is a another thread on this here: (Perhaps they should be merged?)

    Not sure how this is connected to the 4GLTE thing as I keep all my radios off and only run them on demand as needed.

    AT&T had me replace the sim card, upgrade to JB and checked to see my fone was provisioned correctly, none of that helped. They sent me a replacement fone that came last Saturday. It came with ICS on it so I upgraded it to JB. (Note: original fone was doing this on ICS and continued after JB update) So mad that the new replacement fone is doing exact same stuff so I removed all my apps and widgets and it happened again.

    Just this morning I did the factory reset from recovery mode and did not bring back one single app! So this fone is 100% OEM.

    If it happens again, I don't know what to do. A guy on XDA also mentioned that he spoke with an AT&T tech that admitted the "programming fault" and he was told that rooting and a rom would also solve thie issue but I am reluctant to do that. I have heard problems with loosing the fones IMEI number during root and also tripping the flash counter, both of which I do not want to have happen in the event I have to go back to AT&T for warranty.

    Has anyone ever heard if AT&T would allow you to choose a different brand fone as a replacement say like an HTC or something?
  11. FroggyStyle

    FroggyStyle Member

    Bookmarking this in hopes some 1 finds a fix soon.

    I just got the s3 a week ago and have been plagued with not being able to receive sMs or calls on two different occasions. A simple restart fixes the issue, however I would prefer not having to restart daily in hopes of getting my calls and texts.

  12. NoMoreSymbian

    NoMoreSymbian Well-Known Member

    Ok long phone call with AT&T yesterday afternoon after yet another failure. At first, the guy wanted to put me through the usual diagnostic hoops but I stopped him and told him to just listen to what's been done and what the symptoms are. After a while he stopped me and said he knew exactly what the issue is and will fix it for me right now! Now I do not know what all the terms he threw at me mean but I will list them here for reference. I told him that the phone was reset yesterday morning and zero apps were installed so it had to be a network issue or something wrong with my account. He told me there were "routing number mismatches" and my "LRN" was incorrect. Also said they had me on the wrong network and moved me to the Cingular wireless network. Don't know where I was previously. He also mentioned that the SOA was updated with LRN to the proper SPID. I was told the changes could happen immediately but for sure within 24 hours. No failure yet but this phone has fooled me before and gone for a couple days without failing.

    One thing I didn't think was related is that I talk with my wife a lot during her long work commutes and we are constantly loosing the ability to hear one another. There are periods of silence then it pops back in. This literally happens in every call we have and we attributed it to either a tower issue or her car's Bluetooth etc but since the tech made these changes, not one call issue in the three conversations we have had. Also it seems that text messages are received and send instantly unlike they used to sit for a bit before going. Hmmmm.

    I hope I do not have to post in the next couple days that the phone has failed again, it is really getting to me.

    Well guess what! Yeah it failed again. I ran across a thread on the AT&T help forums and the guys there had a work around using two different methods to disable LTE. One was a video showing an easy way to create a new APN that just uses 4G. I did that and a family just called telling me they could not reach me a couple hours ago. I was sitting here at home, phone right next to me! I could call AT&T again but it just seems a waste of time as they just do not seem to have a clue why this is happening! :mad:

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