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  1. cjconcep

    cjconcep New Member

    Okay so I dropped my Galaxy S3 in water (I was at a lake and yeah...) Heeding the advice of internet and family members, I took out the battery and the back and left it in some rice for a couple days. UNFORTUNATELY, I tried to turn it on three times before letting it soak for a couple days in rice (yeah stupid idea). It would vibrate and the screen would turn on, but I read I could potentially fry the phone so I stopped and left it in rice for three days. So on the last day I turn it on. IT DOESN'T WORK.

    The screen is black but I can feel the vibration when I touch the screen as I would if I was trying to unlock my phone. My boyfriend has this cord thing which shows the screen of your phone onto the TV. So we plugged in my phone and TADAAA I can see my phone on the TV. I can send and receive messages still and the touch screen still works and vibration works just EVERYTHING works... except the screen. The screen is just black on the phone itself. So I figure the display light isn't working or something.

    What EXACTLY is broken? How much would it cost to repair and would it be better just to get an entirely new phone?


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