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Galaxy s3 black screenSupport

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  1. harveygeorge

    harveygeorge New Member

    Today i dropped my s3 (indoors), the back cover came off and the battery fell out. I put the battery back in and tried to turn it on, i heard it turning on and the blue LED light came on but nothing showed up on the screen. it turned on and i tried unlocking it and i could feel it vibrating but no picture. i can hear it when i get messages and the light comes on and when it rings, the phone vibrates and i can answer. everything works but i just get a black screen. the screen was already smashed and you can see underneath the screen in some places.

    Thanks, Harvey.


  2. RahhJarr

    RahhJarr New Member

    I have a very similar problem, I dropped my phone also and the phone works fine except nothing comes on the screen. I hooked it up to my TV using an mhl cable and was able to use the phone as normal.
    The only difference is my screen isn't smashed.

    Are there any solutions for fixing this, I've taken it to a couple of phone shops and they want me to buy the whole replacement LCD/digitizer which would cost around
  3. sotac666

    sotac666 New Member

    I have the same problem except I had set my phone on a ring of water left from the condensation from a cup...my screen started to turn green and purple and then the screen went black. I took the whole phone apart, cleaned the motherboard and digitizer and the screen is still black. Everything works like call and I can even type in my password to unlock it but its still black. the only way I have seen to fix this problem so far is to replace the digitizer which cost around 150$. If there is a way to fix this problem without replacement, I'm sure we would find it on the internet somewhere by now... ******* always find a way to take more money from us...

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