Galaxy S3, Bluetooth, and PIN Lock

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  1. 1mpg

    1mpg Member

    I own a SamSung Galaxy S3 Model SGH-1747M running 4.1.1 (not rooted). We encountered a major problem with the unit. We could not make outgoing Bluetooth calls from our phones to our handsfree units. The units were a Blueant S3 and a Motorola T505. The reason was that S Voice could not start up with the phone locked with a PIN. A PIN was
    critical on our phones as we use them for business and we have many
    documents and contacts that we don't want easily accessible. After
    reading countless forums and spending hours searching for an answer
    (over 14), I am happy to report that a solution has been found.

    By using Tasker and Secure Settings:
    Profile->Bluetooth Connected
    Task->PlugIn->Secure Settings->Password/Pin->Disabled
    I then added an Exit Task
    Task->Plugin0>Secure Settings->Password/Pin->Enabled (Set to my old
    PIN number)

    I have set this up for both of my BlueTooth units and it works like a
    hot damn! I just wish someone would have posted this before I had
    spent so much time searching for a solution. Hopefully this helps


  2. rreardan

    rreardan New Member

    Can you give a clearer explanation as I'm not that tech savy, what is tasker ? and where do you find it on the phone ? where is profile? and where on the phone is this etc. Please help cause I have this exact problem.
  3. 1mpg

    1mpg Member

    Tasker is an application available within Play Store. A profile exists within Tasker.

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