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  1. s3hawaii

    s3hawaii New Member

    I'm a noob to S3 (2 weeks). I've been an iphone user for the past 4 years. I basically got the S3 because of the bigger screen. Now I'm beginning to regret switching to an android.

    I've connected the S3 to my pop3 mail server. I've also stated that the emails are to remain on the server (via my apple computer I stated "after 30 days" it can be removed; via the S3, I stated "delete from server NEVER).

    Mail worked fine for about a week. Then I noticed that an email that was in my S3's inbox (there for about a week and already read) DISAPPEARED. I searched for it everywhere (different folders, outbox, deleted email, etc). I could not find it. Moved on in life.

    Then, on another day, it happened again! An email that was already read but kept in my inbox disappeared. Searched again, but could not find it.

    Nothing unusual is happening on my Apple, just the S3. On my iphone, I was able to leave emails (after read) in my mail application's inbox so that I could have them for reference at a later date. I need to be able to do this on the S3.

    Can someone please help. I've also searched other forums and an app called K-9 was suggested. I've set up that app but don't like using it as it is not "pleasing" to look at, nor can I have it list my emails by SENDER. It currently lists the emails by SUBJECT line. That's too hard for me to decipher when on the fly.

    Thank you in advance.

  2. SUroot

    SUroot Well-Known Member Developer

    Delete from server is when it is deleted from the pop account (on the internet) and has nothing to do with how long that mail item remains cached on your iPhone, Mac, android, outlook etc

    The setting you seem to be looking for is the period your mail remains sync'd on your device

    Email app > menu > settings > > period to sync email > 1 month
  3. s3hawaii

    s3hawaii New Member

    I have that checked off, so that is not the issue.
    Thank you anyway
  4. SUroot

    SUroot Well-Known Member Developer

    Thats not what I meant. This setting has no off. But then im looking at an exchange account.

    Having now just set up my Gmail, sync email is just a tick box. I would expect you would want that on if you want it to mirror the server
  5. s3hawaii

    s3hawaii New Member

    I just realized that the phone deleted more emails.

    There are no emails in my inbox prior to Saturday, 11/10. Means the phone is deleting emails older than 3 days and putting them somewhere that I can't find.

    It is not the sync thing, because I have that set for the longest duration of 1 month or 100 messages.

  6. SUroot

    SUroot Well-Known Member Developer

    Just try it
  7. AlexCastillo

    AlexCastillo New Member

    Hi you all, I have the same issue here with my S3. I have three accounts configured in the default email app, one Imap, and two Pop3 and of this doesn't work well one.

    For example in the account view said once "Today (16)" but in the list only can see half of them, where are the others?, why says 16 and only shows 10?.

    When I've deleted the account and created again I could see all the messages and the sync ends well but soon start to disappear.

    My other Pop3 account uses the same servers with the same domain and works correctly.

    I' ve tried changing everything I could in the Setting but without positive results.

    I've downloaded and installed K-9 Mail and with the same config it works well so I'm starting to think is a bug issue in the email program instead of a configuration problem.

    Please if anyone has a clue will be appreciated.
  8. s3hawaii

    s3hawaii New Member

    Ok I tried it.
    Essentially, I had it the way you suggested. So I switched it to "1 month". It synced. Received mail. Then I switched it back to the "1 month or 100 messages".
    Today, Tuesday, I only have mail that goes back to Sunday in my "in box"

    So it doesn't work


    Anyone else w/ suggestions?
  9. jkuchtaofmi

    jkuchtaofmi New Member

    I have the same problem as you with a brand new Samsung Galaxy S5. Previously read emails in my inbox disappear after being a week old. They do not move to trash, just disappear. Did you every get a resolution? I have an old LG Spectrum running Android 4.04 (Gingerbread) and that email client works fine. Keeps my old messages in the inbox forever.

    I also noticed that the Gmail email app does not exhibit these behaviors. Old emails are kept forever in your inbox.
  10. prj

    prj Well-Known Member

    How or what program do you use to check the mail on your apple computer?
  11. jawshoeuh

    jawshoeuh New Member

    So our office manager just got a Galaxy S5 and we were having this issue with her GoDaddy work email account, but her Gmail and Yahoo were working fine.

    Did some googling and found a suggestion to check the "Leave a copy of messages on the server" option in Outlook and sure enough that was the culprit.

    Apparently the phone would sync up and download new emails with no problem, but as soon as her desktop Outlook would download those same emails it would remove them from the server and would not leave a copy on the server so the next time the phone would try to sync all those previous emails were deleted from the server by Outlook and thus would disappear from the phone.

    This may not be the solution for everyone, but it worked in this case.

    So check the settings in your desktop email client and make sure that it's 'leaving a copy on server.'

    Good luck everyone!
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