Galaxy S3 (i747) Screen Edge Sensitivity.Support

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  1. scottrc35

    scottrc35 New Member

    Hi, I have had my Galaxy S3 on AT&T for about 2 months now, and have noticed on this Issue. The left edge of my screen seems to not be sensitive enough. I am wondering if the digitizer is placed a little too far to the left on this phone. I am hoping someone knows an easy fix for this without returning the phone under warranty as it is rooted so that gets a little complicated.

    Here are a couple examples of when this problem is apparent:

  2. Noxian

    Noxian Well-Known Member

    I have noticed abit too,

    These screens vary in sensitivity due to atmospheric conditions and how dry your hands are.

    They work on the basis of capacitance or conductivity and if its dry out or moist out or if your hands are dry or moist the sensitivity may vary.

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