Galaxy S3-low default volume with aux cable

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  1. arcuspilot

    arcuspilot New Member

    When I plug the auxillary cable into my Samsung Galaxy S3 and plug the other end into my car stereo, the default volume turns out to be about 60% of maximum even though I have set all volumes to maximum on the phone.

    I can turn the volume up with the volume control on the phone though.

    I've been through the sound settings section of the phone and there's nothing about "default volume with auxillary cable at 60%" or some such.

    Is there a setting I'm missing somewhere or a workaround that does not require rooting?

    Thannks for your time

  2. jerofld

    jerofld Fixing stuff is not easy VIP Member

    Unfortunately, this is a 'safety' feature Samsung felt that they should include on the GS3. You have to increase the volume every time.
  3. arcuspilot

    arcuspilot New Member

    Thank you, Jerolfd. I guess it makes sense - I had a few times with my iPhone when I had the earbuds in and turned on the music then got blasted with max volume. Bad for a guy who's had tinnitus... Anyway, it would be great if Samsung had this feature as an option. Oh well; at least the phone gives us more freedom to choose than the iPhone does in so many other areas.

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