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  1. wunay

    wunay Well-Known Member

    I have a Galaxy S1 and have just purchased the S3. After having the S1 and trying to find my way round the complex Menu/submenu/submenu/options etc. I composed a short written hierarchy chart for my own use showing where some of the actions are contained within the menus:- i.e. Settings/Location & Security/Use Wireless Networks. Also tried to show how different menus should be used in conjunction/interact with one another. My son in law has had my Galaxy S1 and was appreciative of the hierarchy chart that I had produced saving him from much digging within the menus.
    I am now trying to get my head around the S3 and any guidance in how to locate any action buried deep in the Menu/submenu/submenu would be considered most helpful.
    Does anyone have such a chart or similar for the Galaxy S3?

  2. matttye

    matttye Well-Known Member

    I'm not trying to troll here, just offering an alternative suggestion.

    If you think about what you want before you go into the options menu you should be able to find it. For example; I want to change the shortcuts on my lock screen. The lock screen is a security feature, so I expect the lock screen options will be under security. I go into security and then see that there's a lock screen options page in there.

    Another one; I want you change the brightness of my screen (aka display). That's going to be under display.

    Not sure if this is helpful but this is what I do.
  3. wunay

    wunay Well-Known Member

    I appreciate your reply but those are straightforward items, there are many others that are not by any means as straightforward.
    When I had a problem with the phone on the day of purchase the salesman in the phone shop was aware that there was an option to carry out a particular requirement, but even with his background it took some time to locate the specific item.
    It not always a question of staightforward logic. I have used PC's for the last 25 years so do have some logical idea of menu and sub menu layouts.
    I searched for the means to use the microphone for verbal input for messaging and despite locating it and in theory activating it, it did not function, I am not aware by searching as to whether there is an additional menu elsewhere relative to this point.
  4. matttye

    matttye Well-Known Member

    I don't have a big list of settings, but I can answer the query about dictating messages. Once you've enabled the option you mentioned above, you simply have to press and hold the settings button on the keyboard, then slide across to the microphone icon that pops up. The microphone icon then replaces the settings icon and you can start to simply tap it to dictate messages with your voice.

    To get back to settings, you do the same in reverse.

    There are a couple of features like this that aren't very obvious, Samsung needs to give some kind of visual indication that this can be done!
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  5. wunay

    wunay Well-Known Member

    Thanks for that ref microphone - IT WORKS !!
    This only reaffirms my comments about Menu hierachy.
    Any other pointers as regards hierarchy would be appreciated.
  6. andromatix

    andromatix Well-Known Member

    I've just starting exploring my SGS3. I always come here to search for things that puzzle me a little at first. These forums are always very helpful. The mysterious absence of the 'voice input' icon on the keyboard had me stumped. Got it after I checked here. The other weird one is my browser would dim the display every time I browsed a site. (The browser has it's own display settings. You have to make the adjustment there.)
  7. matttye

    matttye Well-Known Member

    Same for the video player!

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