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  1. luart

    luart Member


    please .. some help..

    My info:

    I have the GT-I8190
    Android 4.1.1 (see image for more data)


    Mi problem is.
    The mic has to low volume in calls..
    I search for the noise reduction option (other forums say that it is the problem) but i can find the option.
    When I pulse the menu key during a call I only have 3 options and the noise reduction is not one.
    Also I can take screenshots.
    I root it but still the same.. the only thing that i don

  2. superboy4444

    superboy4444 Well-Known Member Developer

    Noise reduction is not an option...
  3. luart

    luart Member

    Well.. Still the same.
    I probe some things and I think is better.
    (is my wife phone so I can post the solution right now but I will)
    still I don't know if I get habituated to the low sound or if really works.
    So I will post the thing later.
  4. luart

    luart Member

    The option I test is:}
    [HIGH]if you see
    in /system/build.prop, change it to
    "media.a1026.enableA1026 = 0".
    if you don't see it, you can just add
    "media.a1026.enableA1026 = 0".
    I saw this on:

    semm like work but if some one else want to test .. welcome

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