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  1. adrezs69

    adrezs69 Member

    Sorry but there doesn't seem to be a post specifically on this issue for Australian that I could find. It sounds like a general issue no matter what carrier is used world wide, if anyone has an answer, would be great.
    This is the one of the most annoying switching from iPhone to Galaxy SIII

    I purchased a Galaxy S3 from, the phone obviously is Hong Kong sourced.
    There seems to be a problem when I am connected to personal Wifi access point in the office everything works great.
    I go to somewhere I am out of the range of the Access point, I try to browse a web page, a message comes up stating that you are not connected to the network.
    Data is enabled on the phone also.
    The carrier is Telstra

    Just appears that the switching from Wifi to 3G seems very flakey, checked some of the settings could see anything obvious.

    Has anyone had the same problem, is there a resolution ?


  2. GoldenDiamond

    GoldenDiamond Well-Known Member

    I'm not too sure if you just can't get 3G/4G or if you're saying that the wifi to 3G/4G transition is slow.

    What I can say is that sometimes for my SGS3, it does take a while switching from 3G/4G to wifi and vise versa.
  3. adrezs69

    adrezs69 Member

    Thanks for the reply.
    What I mean is that leaving my Wireless access point range, and then not having Wifi available. It doesn't appear to seamlessly switch to 3G so I can browse on 3G, I get an error stating that there is no data connection. Even though I have data enabled.
    Where on the iPhone 4S, same scenario, I leave the wireless access point range it would just switch to 3G automatically and then I could use the browser on 3G

    Hope that clears up the question ?

  4. firegold21

    firegold21 Active Member

    I don't have an answer, though I do have a related issue. When I'm on WiFi and there's an issue with it (my router at home needs to be rebooted periodically; I haven't figured out why yet--or it automatically connects to ATTWIFI and can't do anything till I log in), browsing, etc. just fails. I'd really love it if the phone were able to go, "Hmm. WiFi isn't working ... let's switch to 3G/4G."

    Or at the very least ask if I want to do so.
  5. terikerr

    terikerr New Member

    So it's not just me? I end up restarting the phone to be able to get it back up and running, but what a pain. Any ideas??
  6. adrezs69

    adrezs69 Member

    Precisely the issue all, the iPhone when there was no recognised Wifi Connection in range it would switch to 3G, which is what it is supposed to do.
    Samsung piece of Crap :-(
    That is the only real issue I have, I think it is to do with the power saving feature where it disconnects from Wifi. Then it connects when needed. The bit where it tries to connect and can't find the Wifi it is too stupid to just use 3G. I have seen other forums with the same sort of sounding problem in the US with AT&T.

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