Galaxy S3 or Razr M

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  1. Hamster711

    Hamster711 Member

    Going to verizon soon and trying to decide between the razr m and the s3. I like the look and build of the m, but i also like the overall package of the s3. I just want to know if the s3 is really worth the extra $100. What makes it worth that much more than the m?

  2. Definitely the Samsung Galaxy S3.

    Firstly the SGS3 has a much better screen which is both bigger (4.8" vs 4.3") and has more pixel density (306PPI vs 256PPI).

    The hardware of the SGS3 is significantly better especially the GPU. The MALI 400 of the SGS3 totally demolishes the Adreno 225 of the Razr M.

    The SGS3 also has better camera features like burst mode and a much better front facing camera.

    The SGS3 most likely has better GPS.

    Overall the SGS3 should feel a lot smoother since it has better specs.
  3. JE78

    JE78 Well-Known Member

    Depends what your looking for in a phone. I bought my wife the Razr M and she loves it, she came from an iPhone. Its a bit bigger but perfect for her because she has smaller hands. She gets great battery life on 4G and the phone for a "cheaper" phone is great. It has the Jellybean update so the phone is really smooth.

    Ingenieur7, the camera on the Razr M also has burst mode.

    The screen on the GS3 has more PPI because its a bigger screen. The smaller 4.3" screen is just as crisp.

    The radios in the Motorola are better so signal strength is better, there for GPS would be better and faster on the RAZR M.

    Battery life on the Razr M is much better than with the GS3. Smaller phone + smaller screen = better battery life

    According to phone arena the US versions both have the same processors in them so I'm not sure where Ingenieur7 is getting his information from.

    Touchwiz has alot more crap that clutters up Android. Motoblur is very minimal, its almost like stock Android.

    I guess the bottom line is if you want a phone with 4.3" screen or 4.8" screen. They are both good phones and they each have features the other doesn't. One thing I will agree with is the camera on the Razr isn't as good as on the Neuxus but Battery life will beat out camera quality any day in my book.
  4. No it's not.

    PPI determines whether a display is crisp or not. The 306PPI screen of the SGS3 is much much more crisp than the 256PPI screen of the Razr M.

    The Razr M has both a smaller screen and lower PPI thus the screen is actually quite abysmal.

  5. JE78

    JE78 Well-Known Member

    Do some research, Samsung radios are cheap, hence the dropped calls, and bad reception, Motorola puts high end radios in their phones, they always have. I average 1-2 more bars and lower dBm on my RAZR MAXX HD than I did with my Galaxy Nexus.
  6. Hamster711

    Hamster711 Member

    Will they both offer the same level of customization? Coming from an iphone, customization is something ive been wanting for a while
  7. Hadron

    Hadron Well-Known Member Contributor

    They're both android, both will give a lot of customisation options.

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