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  1. cagjmg

    cagjmg Member

    If the flash is needed, my pictures all have a blue tint. Does anyone know how to solve this issue? I did just install the Jelly Bean update.

  2. rsfour

    rsfour Well-Known Member

    Did this happen with ICS?
  3. cagjmg

    cagjmg Member

    To be honest, I'm not sure if it did.
  4. rsfour

    rsfour Well-Known Member

    ah, well i havent noticed my pictures having a blue tint. Have you reset the S3 to factory settings since the upgrade. Numerous software issues are known to occur after an upgrade.
  5. 13ilgal

    13ilgal Well-Known Member

    Blue tint might mean you changed the White Balance to Indoor. (This happens in my "real" camera from time to time).

    Launch the camera.

    Click the gear (Settings - lower left corner on left options panel)

    Scroll to white balance; set to Auto.

    Hope this helps!

  6. cagjmg

    cagjmg Member

    I'm always afraid to do that - what will I lose if I do?
  7. rsfour

    rsfour Well-Known Member

    Did 13igal's suggestion not work?
  8. cagjmg

    cagjmg Member

    No, it was already set on auto for white balance. I tried changing numerous settings and it made no difference. Pictures without the flash are great, but if the flash is needed, there is a blue tint to the picture. It's almost as if I'm going to have to leave the falsh in the off position.
  9. Dieselbud

    Dieselbud Well-Known Member

    I rarely if ever use the flash, it's just too bright and fake looking. I also own a Canon Rebel camera and rarely use the flash on that either.

    It depends on what I am trying to capture. If it is a night scene and it is outdoors and I am not trying to capture any ambiance (like a campfire or candles or a sunset) the flash is great. Indoors/daytime it is rarely needed and if I have it set on auto and the flash goes, I usually retake the photo with the flash off and then choose which photo works best for what I am trying to capture. I prefer to adjust my home lighting to get the effect I want.

    At night, especially outdoors, to photograph people and not the background, I will use the flash... otherwise there are other settings to use (such as night or candlelight), so sometimes I will take several test shots with different settings to see which works the best for that moment. Often I find a better setting without the flash.

    So, I keep my flash OFF for those quick moments I want to capture during the day with good lighting, and in dark settings I will turn it on but do not expect professional quality photos.
  10. cagjmg

    cagjmg Member

    Okay - thanks! I'll set the flash to the off position and leave it that way for a while. I have to say I was surprised that my test pictures with the flash off came out as well as they did.
  11. Doit2it

    Doit2it Well-Known Member Contributor

    Long shot, but do you have a blue case on your phone? With the flash and lens so close together, a thick blue case could cast a blue hue across the lens. Remove any case and take a flash picture. Like I said, it's a long shot. I thought it would be the white balance as 13ilgal suggested. I've had issues with a Canon point n shoot doing this.
  12. Dieselbud

    Dieselbud Well-Known Member

    I am selling my Canon Rebel for the fact that I have not used it once since I bought my phone. I do wish the SGIII had a better zoom, but it is no worse than the lens that came with my canon (and I would have to choke up another $300+ for a better zoom lens).

    For a phone, I think the SGIII takes amazing pictures, but using the flash is usually not necessary, especially when there are so many modes to choose from. Often I will choose the backlit mode, if my kids are standing in front of a window or a lamp.
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  13. cagjmg

    cagjmg Member

    I tried taking the case off as well, because in my internet searching I found that the case causes blue pictures on the Iphone. No luck, but thanks!
  14. Doit2it

    Doit2it Well-Known Member Contributor

    It probably is a glitch with the white balance then. Before doing a factory reset you might try clearing the data and cache on the Camera app. Settings / Application manager / All tab (at top) / Camera / Clear data & Clear cache (unless they are greyed out).

    You might try a little troubleshooting to be sure it's the camera app. Turn on flash, set white balance to auto and duplicate the blue tint taking a photo somewhere. Leaving the flash on, change the white balance settings and take photos of the same location. Does the tint issue go away?

    Also try using another photo app such as Camera Zoom or Vignette or the many other camera apps in the Play store. Of course DO NOT set any filters or SFX. See if you get blue tint of photos with different apps with flash on in the same location. Does the tint issue go away?

    If the clear data didn't help and these troubleshooting tips prove it's the default camera app at fault (can't duplicate issue), a factory reset may work to resolve the problem. The Play store should reinstall all your apps on the S3 and if you run a launcher like Apex or Nova, a simple backup and restore of your settings will get your homescreens back 'like you like them'.
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  15. Musky

    Musky Well-Known Member

    As soon as I got my S3, I found the stock camera app seemed to always have some issue or another (too blue, blurry, etc) I really thought I had a faulty camera. Then Google had their $0.25 sale and I picked up "Camera ZoomFX"

    Every problem that I was having with the camera went away! It takes awesome pictures now. I hope it works for you as well as it does me if you try it.

  16. thequeenscheese

    thequeenscheese Well-Known Member

    Why dont you try a different camera app and see if it still occurs..
  17. Animal Mother

    Animal Mother Member

    I have had my GSIII since last November. I have noticed the picture quality on this phone is very disappointing. I am using it with a Trident case so I don't know if the case is the problem or not. Will try using a different app...found CameraMX (free version) will give that a try.
  18. TheMuddyPaws

    TheMuddyPaws Well-Known Member

    Post a pic and lets us see an example.

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