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Galaxy S3 Predictive Text IssuesSupport

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  1. Welshyeti

    Welshyeti New Member

    Is anyone else finding on their S3 that the predictive text is odd. Mine doesn't remember any of my words if I reset the phone, and I have no idea why.

    Any help would be great.



  2. matttye

    matttye Well-Known Member

    Not sure if it's an option you want to consider, but you could install a different keyboard from the play store.

    I like "Ice Cream Sandwich Keyboard" :)
  3. SUroot

    SUroot Well-Known Member Developer

    The built in sammy keyboard I didn't like. I don't like the android stock one either.

    I've always only got on with HTC keyboards. After lots of testing, I finally found "smart keyboard" which works almost as well as HTC
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  4. davoid

    davoid Well-Known Member

    I tried smart keyboard and thought it was the best one I had found but I didn't like the look of the keyboard aesthetically. Then I found Perfect Keyboard which I have not changed from yet. I like that you can adjust the height of the keys and the gap between rows to set it for your own personal needs for accuracy. (I think that Smart Keyboard did this also). I am also very impressed with the predictions it offers when typing - very often the default word underlined (thus selected if you press space) is the one I want.

    I might eventually pay for the pro version it's almost that perfect.
  5. Misklin

    Misklin Member

    SwiftKey X is by far the best I've found, it understands context so gets the predictions correct more often. Plus you can change the look of it very easily and it picks up the key presses accurately too. It's worth paying for!
  6. homegeek

    homegeek Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the suggestion. I tried the Pro version and the predictive text is so much better then Samsung's.
  7. matt0715

    matt0715 Well-Known Member

    Buy SwiftKey 3 its half off today!

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