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Galaxy S3 predictive text suggest but no replaceSupport

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  1. erinandian

    erinandian New Member

    Good day all,

    Is there a way to keep predictive text on (where is suggests replacement words) but not have it replace the words automatically as I type?

    I have played around with combinations of settings under the predictive text, but it does not seem to have an effect.

    Its for a Samsung Galaxy S3 phone on the Telus network.



  2. moonlitday

    moonlitday Active Member

    Telus as well. I don't think the stock keyboard has that option. Get Swiftkey, it is a far better keyboard and does have the option of having the spacebar simply insert a space instead of suggested spellings or words (under advanced options) . The predictions are far better as well.
  3. Stuntman

    Stuntman Well-Known Member

    I switched to Thumb Keyboard. I don't like auto-correct as well and this keyboard can be configured to only make suggestions. I also like Thumb Keyboard over SwiftKey because Thumb Keyboard does not add extra spaces here and there. Thumb Keyboard only adds spaces when I actually press the space bar. SwiftKey tends to keep adding spaces here and there like after punctuation causing me to have to delete those extra spaces.

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