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Galaxy s3 problems shutdown problemsSupport

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  1. nick1988ita

    nick1988ita New Member

    Hi guys:D
    I'm writing from Italy :) Unfortunately, no one here has been able to give me a resolution for my problem. so I decided to write to you, you are more and I'm sure I'll find the answers to the problem ;)

    the battery was low, approximately 1% charge. So starts the automatic shutdown procedure.
    what happens?
    First of all, the display backlight and touch keys start to be discontinuous, as if the power was intermittent. After that occurs the block system. after a minute shut off. When I turned on it again, recur the same information using the touch screen typical of the first power of the galaxy. I also lost all the settings icons and widgets in the home. A partial reset I could say. happened to me only once, then never again.
    It 's already happened something similar?

    Do you thing I need to send the galaxy in reparation?:(

    I thank you in advance for your answers, and excuse me if my English is not perfect:D:D

  2. nick1988ita

    nick1988ita New Member

    ops I have written many times problems in the title:D
  3. Szadzik

    Szadzik Well-Known Member

    Why did you not just charge it instead of draining battery like that? Nothing wrong with the phone, ost probably, but for it to work you need to charge it.

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