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  1. wunay

    wunay Well-Known Member

    Sorry I am unable to comment on the groups problem as I have not used groups and therefore unable to advise on the ability or otherwise to carry them over.
    Perhaps someone looking in may add to this?

  2. greggebhardt

    greggebhardt Well-Known Member

    If you down load the latest copy of Kies it will work just fine. I synced my iPhone 4s with Outlook and then used Kies to sync Outlook with my S3 and it worked perfectly. You can the. Sync with Google and you have your contacts set up on both.
  3. akaCarioca

    akaCarioca Member


    On 07/13 you helped me a lot. Unfortunately my provider (Verizon) had to reset my phone and I need my contacts/calendar from Outlook copied to the phone.
    I was told to try uploading to Gmail and then from there to the phone. Big disaster as Gmail does not keep the format as in Outlook with fields/tabs. Instead, it creates a name and combines ALL fields (phone, email, address, etc) into a field called "Notes" which does not allow me to use it easily on the phone.

    I realize that you are in UK, 6 hours ahead of me, but would kindly ask you again to help me. I was able to copy my Podcasts from my pc to my phone, but still can't copy the contacts/calendar.

  4. desmo907

    desmo907 Member

    I used Kies and it worked well with my Win & (Office 2007) Outlook. There is a Kies setting to also use the Groups category from Outlook that copied fine too.
  5. akaCarioca

    akaCarioca Member

    It did work for me few weeks back, but now I can't or don't remember how to.
    Can you give me the steps?

    I have Kies on my pc (XP) and Outlook 2010. Trying again just with Calendar.
  6. wunay

    wunay Well-Known Member


    Was just going to bed, but needs must first.

    Select S Planner.
    Press Home button.
    Scroll down to SETTINGS.
    Select CALENDAR.
    Put a check mark against MY CALENDAR as this is the calendar that Outlook regards as being compatible.

    Start Kies up on the PC and connect the phone. The phone should then be recognised and then select SYNC on the Kies menu and select the appropriate items. i.e. Calendar, Contacts etc.

    Come back.
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  7. akaCarioca

    akaCarioca Member

    I tried Calendar(Schedule) and I think it worked, even thought it has a strange way to set the date ranges, as started from Sept/2013 ending some date close to Today or next month.
    I will try again later the calendar. Tomorrow I will edit my Contacts on Outlook and try it as well. In case a contact from Outlook already exist on the phone, what happens? Does it ask you to overwrite or just skip?

    Thanks again and enjoy your well deserved rest!
  8. desmo907

    desmo907 Member

    Start Kies on PC. Click Sync tab in upper middle of screen. Select checkbox for Sync with Contacts Outlook (menu). Select radio button labeled "Selcted Contacts Folder" and check box for "Sync the Outlook category with the contact group....." Select anything else (Calendar, etc.) then click Synh button near top right.
  9. wunay

    wunay Well-Known Member

    Incoming contacts from outlook will be added to your contacts and not overwritten.
    If you intend to use Outlook as the main input for your Galaxy Calendar then I would feel inclined to add a letter or symbol to your existing PHONE contacts to identify them separate to the incoming Outlook contacts BEFORE importing. If they are then duplicated it will be easy to identify the existing Galaxy contacts and delete those where applicable. Hope that makes sense.

    Come back
  10. akaCarioca

    akaCarioca Member

    The Calendar worked fine.

    This is the screen that I see for the Contacts:


    I will edit my Contacts on Outlook first, then delete the ones on the phone and then try to sync the Contacts.

    Is the setup above correct?

    Thank you all.
  11. wunay

    wunay Well-Known Member

    Yup. Correct.

    Come Back
  12. akaCarioca

    akaCarioca Member


    I am cleaning my Outlook Calendar and Contacts before I try to sync.
    Is there a way to delete all contacts on the phone? About Calendar entries?

  13. enotime

    enotime New Member

    If this is true, then in my opinion this operation is not a sync, but rather a merge.

    A "sync" by definition ensures the records contained in both locations are ultimately identical (SYNChronized!) A sync should overwrite older records in either location with newer records from the opposing location.

    Thus, the original question remains unanswered...

    Does anyone know of a TRUE sync for Samsung Galaxy S3 with MS/Outlook?

  14. ylexot

    ylexot Well-Known Member

    Go into the phone settings-> applications, select the contacts and calendar apps and clear data.

    Oh, and you should probably turn off sync before you do that our they will just download again.
  15. akaCarioca

    akaCarioca Member

    Thanks! I will try that later Today.
  16. wunay

    wunay Well-Known Member

    If the contacts on the phone were not originally derived from Outlook then if the contact listing on the phone is synced to Outlook then the Outlook contacts will be added and not synced. If the contacts on the phone came from Outlook in the first place then they will be synced.
    As ylexot says you can delete the phone contacts and then sync which is the best way to go if you are confident that the phone contacts can be recreated in the event of a cockup.

    I merely pointed out that by adding a symbol or similar you would be able to differentiate between the two.
  17. akaCarioca

    akaCarioca Member

    You forgot to mention that it is Application Manager and then select ALL to see the contacts/calendar.
  18. akaCarioca

    akaCarioca Member

    I finally tried again to sync contacts/calendar with the phone.
    Calendar looks fine, but my contacts on the phone shows 1208 entries and my Outlook show 356. It looks like Kies reads ALL the entries (deleted, archives, etc) and copies to the phone. Not what I wanted, but I can go and delete what I don't want.
    Any comments? I see different colors for the records in the Contacts: beige, green, dark green, salmon/pinkish, does anybody know what they mean?

    Thanks for all the help.
  19. akaCarioca

    akaCarioca Member

    I tried again and this time I notice the option to specify which Contacts to sync.
    As I suspected, it shows you the real contacts (356 on my case) and "Suggested ones" (847).

  20. BlogYourEarth

    BlogYourEarth Member

    Hi I had the same problem as I selected "All contacts". Just click on "Selected contact folder" and only the saved Outlook contacts are synchronized. It is also important to be aware of the setting "Set as a synchronization data storage". I did some tests with different settings, here you can read the results:

    Sync Galaxy S3 with Samsung Kies
  21. akaCarioca

    akaCarioca Member

    Based on your examples, I believe that I would do once a week sync from my Outlook to my phone. Eventually if I get a new contact/calendar item needed while I am away from my Outlook, I will enter them on the phone and later synch both ways.

    The only part that I don't quite understand is the "warning" message about "sync log" and "deleting things" on a permanent basis...

    Thanks for the explanation thought.
  22. akaCarioca

    akaCarioca Member

    Just downloaded version 2.3.212074_13 of Kies today 08/08/2012 and after sync Outlook with the phone, most of my contacts were gone on the phone. Tried several times again, rebooted the pc and phone, nothing. Luckily, I had a previous version that I downloaded on July/11/2012, removed the new one and installed the old one.
    Tried again to sync and the phone got all the Contacts as the Outlook.
    Be careful...

    If you download a new version that works, please let us know because until that happens, I will keep using the old one.
  23. akaCarioca

    akaCarioca Member

    After I did the sync as described above last week, now when I try to sync again, Kies freezes and stops at 64% as described below:


    Anybody having similar issues?

  24. PaulSchn

    PaulSchn New Member

    I have been using Kies ( with my Siii with several problems.
    First I went through most of the issues described by others. But here are some additional items:
    1. It can take 45 minutes to an hour to sync my calendars. Yes they are big but still...
    2. During the sync, it will determine that an entry appears in both places and asks which one to use. That's fine; I select Outlook and check that this decision should always be used. But that choice only applies to the current sync.
    2. After this long sync, I discovered that some entries are missing.
    3. Kies separately syncs the calendar and tasks. But there is no separate Task or TODO app on the Siii. Someone told me that TODOs are placed in the calendar--which is fine but it would have been nice to know that from Kies. But then see 2. above.

    SO, does anyone know about "*********** mOffice" It claims to sync everything but it is not free. It can be tried for a month or so free but I worry about loading a new app on my computer.
  25. akaCarioca

    akaCarioca Member

    Has anybody been able to use Kies thru Wi-Fi? I have Windows XP on my pc and all was working until last week, when I connect with USB cable but the connection keeps coming/going.

    I tried to connect using Kies Air from the phone and did not work. Tried thru Bluetooth from the PC and did not work either.


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