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Galaxy S4 Cases and covers!Tips

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  1. RoadRunnerSS

    RoadRunnerSS Well-Known Member

    Ok, one thing that annoys me is why the hell does the built in screen stick to my S4 screen? I do have a screen protector on my S4 itself, but I won't be taking it off. Sometimes the Defender screen will stick to it and it makes it look like crap. Then I have to take the whole case apart. Anyone else have this problem?

  2. Sandcracka

    Sandcracka Member

    I have the same case but without a screen protector on the S4. The otterbox screen protector doesn't stick to my screen at all. Matter of fact the screen protector on the otterbox seems to sit flush against the phone screen and feels great. I can't even tell that there's a screen protector lol. You might want to consider taking the screen protector off your phone. I had an S3 with an otterbox and no additional screen protector. When I traded in my S3 there wasn't a single blemish on my phone at all. I just made sure to take my phone out of the box every once in a while to clean it off and clean out the otterbox. Your additional screen protector is most likely what the otterbox is sticking to.
  3. Edge1978

    Edge1978 Well-Known Member

    I haven't used the Defender since I sold my iPhone 4 a few years ago but when I did, I removed the Defender screen protector because of this very reason. I already had a screen protector on my i4 so I didn't worry about the screen.
  4. Atma

    Atma Well-Known Member

    Merged a couple more threads with the case/cover thread.

    Sorry for any confusion or blowing your mind.

  5. KiwiMark67

    KiwiMark67 Member

    Battery cases:
    My solution is to have a battery box with a USB connection that I can plug my cellphone into - this gives me a way of charging my phone when away from power.
    I can go camping for a week and not run out of power on my phone.
    The battery box I have takes 4 x 18650 Li-Ion cells which I can replace as needed, currently 2.5Ah cells but I might buy some new 3.4Ah Panasonic cells since my S4 has a much higher capacity battery than my old phone had.

    For anyone wanting these battery cases for their phone - are you unable to run a whole day on the phone's standard battery? I've just been charging each night and haven't had a problem.
  6. Screech

    Screech Well-Known Member Contributor

    I just got the Spigen Neo Hybrid (yellow), GLAS.tR and aluminum buttons. I think this is the case/screen for me. Easy in/out of pocket, high contrast case that is easy to see among other black electronics. Very clear glass that doesn't appear to interfere with use of the phone at all. I will say I was disappointed a little when I found that only 1 of my headsets work with the cover on. The Razer BlackShark's plug will not fit. But luckily I already have a BT headset adapter so I can use any headset with that, just the mic is only that of the adapter rather than the one on the headset (at least I can remove the mic from the headset when using it this way)... Looking for a short 2-3 inch smartphone extension that will fit the case so I can use any headset directly with the phone again. Anyone know of a 3 ring 3.5mm female to 3 ring 3.5 male that is 3 inches or shorter with the male plug fitting in the Spigen case?

    I did get this case as a temp when I found it in stock locally. I found that it was to grabby on my pockets and the silicone was already starting to soft and pull out of shape a little near the top right. I may still use this case on race weekends. But for day to day the Spigen is much better.
  7. speedlever

    speedlever Well-Known Member

    Couldn't resist the temptation today and I returned the Seidio Active in exchange for the Speck CandyShell Grip. While I liked the Seidio Active case, the power button was on a raised portion instead of a depressed portion of the case and it was too easy to hit the power button by accident when I pulled it out of the vertical holster.

    I'm back to the Speck CandyShell while I wait on the Speck CS Grip case to arrive.

    Heh! The fun never stops. ;)
  8. mach1man

    mach1man Well-Known Member

    I really want this case!!! But I have a zagg shield on my phone now, will this case peel up the zagg? I've heard yes and no reviews. Please help I want to buy one of the UAG cases so bad
  9. dopejayoh

    dopejayoh Well-Known Member

    I just received my Neo Hybrid Spigen case and I absolutely love this case. I like the look of it! It does make the phone just a tad more bulkier but this case is amazing. I recommend it! Worth the price, imo. :thumbup:
  10. GatorfanDroid

    GatorfanDroid Well-Known Member

    I like the UAG case but i like the otterbox just a little better . It has the built in screen protector and holster if I wanna use it at all.

    I just ordered my self an otterbox defender series Realtree extra camo case! can't wait for to get here.

    BLACKTOOTHGRIN Well-Known Member

    It might, and it might not....:D

    I think it will depend on 2 factors.
    1. How evenly did you install your screen protector?
    2. Did the Zagg protector have an adhesive backing?

    Let me explain:
    I've had 2 GS4's.
    With both devices I chose to just leave the factory plastic on as a screen protector.
    (imho, that factory film works just as well as any cheapie screen protector. it's already installed for you, so if someone is not going to put on a Quality protector...why bother removing it just to put on more cheap junk...right?;))

    On one of the GS4's the factory plastic was centered pretty evenly.
    Using the UAG Case on it was fine, no issues.
    On the other GS4, the factory plastic was off center quite a bit towards the left side.
    Using the UAG Case on that one caused a little bubble to form in the top an bottom left corners.
    No matter how many times I took the case off and smoothed them away, they came back.
    I don't even bother doing that anymore. Now I just hit them with my nail every now and then because they aren't progressing.

    All of that said,
    if your install of your Zagg is centered pretty well...I don't think you'll have a problem.
    Also you have to keep in mind that my factory plastic doesnt have an adhesive backing so it pops up easily.
    Your Zagg might have had an adhesive backing. (I don't know, never used one)
    If it DID, the UAG Case might not bother it at all even if it IS off center, and providing you have a solid bond to the screen.

    Hope that helps you out a bit. :)

    In my case however....
    If I later choose to buy a quality screen protector,
    I will probably try to install it with the UAG Case already on. (if possible)
    In fact, if there are any people out there using a Spigen Glas.tR with a UAG Case,
    please let us know the easiest way YOU found to do this!
  12. mach1man

    mach1man Well-Known Member

    Thanks!!! That helps me a lot. It is pretty center and does have an adhesive back. Ill try it worst case is that it doesnt work and I send the zagg for a warranty replacement then cut the new one skinnier.
  13. andromatix

    andromatix Well-Known Member

  14. speedlever

    speedlever Well-Known Member

    I have finally found a case that I'm happy with: the Speck CandyShell Grip.

    I've tried Tech-21 cases, Minisuit bumper, Minisuit Kinnect, Speck Candy Shell, Seidio Active, Seidio Surface equivalent sold at BestBuy, have a Samsung Protective Cover coming, and just today received the Candy Shell Grip.

    I like to carry my GS4 in its case in this [​IMG]vertical holster (with rotating clip). All cases I've tried fit nicely (and comfortably loose in the holster). The Seidio active fit the most snug due to the kickstand. But it was easy to remove from the holster. However, it was too easy to accidentally hit the power button when removing from the holster.

    Overall, I'd say the CS Grip fits the best in the holster as it is just slightly larger (due to the grip feature) than my next favorite, the Speck Candy Shell. I really thought I'd like the Seidio Active the best, but that did not turn out as I thought it would.
    My complaint about the original Candy Shell case is simply that it was hard to pick up when lying face down. It offers superb protection... as I accidentally discovered when I pulled my brand-new GS4-32Gb out of my back pocket and just as it started to clear my pocket, snagged my pants and pulled it out of my hand. It clattered to the tile floor from waist height and suffered no damage at all. Neither did the case.

    Other than the slick back, the original CS case grew on me and became my favorite of the ones I've tested. The CS Grip tops them all. It will take some doing for the incoming Samsung protective cover to displace the Grip from the top of my favorites list.

    I don't see much mention of the Speck products here. But I am more than pleased with them. The button action is superb... not too sensitive as they are in the Seidio Active case. Not too hard as they are in the OBDefender case (as evidenced on my former GN2).

    The Speck CS Grip case (and the original CS case) all line up perfectly with all openings and have a two part construction that provides a soft inner shell with a nice lip around the glass for face down protection. It does not interfere with my screen protector. It also has a nice feel and is easy to pick up from the face down position on a flat surface.

    This is a keeper!

    josborne6 likes this.
  15. andromatix

    andromatix Well-Known Member

    speedlever, my son has a speck for his iphone 4s, he likes it as well....very similar design to yours but in red...
  16. RoadRunnerSS

    RoadRunnerSS Well-Known Member

    This is my Otterbox Defender case. I like it a lot and it has great grip. I like the rubber feel of it. I think I'll be picking up a UAG case too.
  17. tastycaramel

    tastycaramel Guest

    That's cool actually.
  18. Sierra255

    Sierra255 Well-Known Member

    I just got an orange UAG case and I think it's fantastic so far. The biggest thing I noticed is that I can actually hold on to the phone now. Without a case, I always felt like I was going to drop it because it's so slick.
  19. tastycaramel

    tastycaramel Guest

    Yea, the back part is kinda slippery too
  20. Lacit1707

    Lacit1707 Well-Known Member

    anyone have Spigen Slim Armor?

    I just got my phone yesterday, put it in the case and see that its not fitting perfectly. the silver edging of the phone should all be completely hidden once the case goes over the phone.... but the top left corner seems like the case is not going over entirely as i can see a bit of silver...

    anyone else have this problem?
  21. tastycaramel

    tastycaramel Guest

    Try to pull it up or slide it? Maybe the case is not evenly fitted.
  22. Lacit1707

    Lacit1707 Well-Known Member

    yea i did... still isnt fitting perfectly...im hoping that it needs to be broken in..not a big deal either way...just being anal...

    anyone have the SpigenGLAS.tR SLIM??

    since it covers the light sensors up top, does it affect any of the phones abilities?
  23. tastycaramel

    tastycaramel Guest

    If it covers the light sensors, the auto brightness is most probably not going to work. And with the case covering sensors, are you sure you have put on the case properly and correctly?
  24. dopejayoh

    dopejayoh Well-Known Member

    I had the exact same problem except that the case I received wouldn't snap in at all and one side of the phone was completely uncovered. I had to do a return because of it.
  25. tastycaramel

    tastycaramel Guest

    That's strange. Is it a soft case or a hard shell case?

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