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Galaxy S4 Cases and covers!Tips

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  1. edge

    edge Well-Known Member

    that spigen case looks pretty awesome

  2. aarif87226

    aarif87226 Well-Known Member

    How you guys think of my new case?! Just ordered!
  3. Szadzik

    Szadzik Well-Known Member

    I have seen these on Note, Note II and S3 and I have to say they are not great. The flap just gets in the way too much. It does not provide any protection either - IMO
  4. barryl85

    barryl85 Well-Known Member

    Is your job profession pimp? :p
  5. aarif87226

    aarif87226 Well-Known Member

    you mean this color is too...... OVER?

    But I feel it just fits my personality XP I love to be noticed
  6. aarif87226

    aarif87226 Well-Known Member

    Oooohhhhh.. :smokingsomb:
    I think I'll receive mine in these 2 days. Give more review then!
  7. jissal

    jissal Member

    It's that time of the year again. Getting the newest upgrade from Samsung S phone and getting a case.
  8. jissal

    jissal Member

    I'm looking to upgrade my phone to a new Samsung Galaxy S4, and I got this email from a friend. Good deals if you want to get a new case.


    Dear Customer,

    Thank you for being a fantastic part of the KaysCase business! Our main goal is to make our customers as happy as possible, whether that be through our reliable products or our continued customer service.

    We are pleased to announce that we are currently having a sale on our Galaxy S3 products! For all returning customers, we will be providing you with a 35% discount off of every purchase of every color and style of Galaxy S3 cases. This is a great opportunity to get that other color you had your eye on or to try out a new style of case. Please use coupon code K35OFF when you purchase any of the following KaysCase Galaxy S3 cases on Amazon.

    We highly recommend taking this opportunity for yourself, but also for your friends and family! The discount is restricted to returning customers, but we encourage you to use your discount to grab gifts for those who are in need of a new KaysCase.

    And just in case you
  9. Gearu

    Gearu Well-Known Member

    I'm looking to get a ShockSock neoprene case with the cut down the side:

    I haven't seen any for the S4 available yet, and I checked for S3 ones (since the same size) but I found none. Not looking good. I don't want a low quality substitute, or the pouch style ShockSock.
  10. crabman

    crabman Well-Known Member

    I have had a Casemate toughcase on my SGS2, 3, and have it ordered for the 4. Great case, has good grip both to hold and insofar as sliding around when set down in a car, feels good as far as shape and materials, does not collect lint, does not hang up pulling out of pocket, has passed the drop test several times, fits the phone very well, is extremely durable and looks new a year later, has a premium look that seems to be universally liked by people who scope the phone.

    Not one bad word to say about them and many people I know have switched over to one at this point. It really is that good, fiddle with it and there is a good chance you will be sold. The exception being people who value thin above all else, these will not want the increased thickness.
  11. NineToTheSky

    NineToTheSky Well-Known Member

  12. trparky

    trparky Well-Known Member

    That Spigen Galaxy S4 Case Slim Armor looks cool. Going for $25.99 USD right now. And if you order before the 22nd, you get a free screen protector as part of the deal.

    I just ordered one myself, in black. Black case with a black phone.
  13. aarif87226

    aarif87226 Well-Known Member

    I got my case, and the problem you talked before does not exist. I think it fits my phone perfectly. BTW, is there any possibility that you make it wrong? Cuz I don't see this series got any Note case.

    On a whole, the leather is in good quality and the cutting do fit well. I especially love the ultra slim design and the standing function it gives - wont fall easily like some other case. Anyway, I'm happy with my purchase.
  14. Szadzik

    Szadzik Well-Known Member

    How did you determine how the case works with the phone without having the phone?

    IS this case not a flip case that attaches to the back door and places a flap on the front?

    If so, it has a thousand variants by a hundred manufacturers.
  15. dgold82

    dgold82 Well-Known Member

  16. TheyCallMeBT

    TheyCallMeBT Well-Known Member

    I like that Neo hybrid case. It basically replaces the battery cover, right? Think it'll leave enough room for a Qi charging plate inside?
  17. NineToTheSky

    NineToTheSky Well-Known Member


    eBay S4 top, Incipio S3 below

    I bought an Incipio Feather cover for my S3 for
  18. barryl85

    barryl85 Well-Known Member

  19. TheyCallMeBT

    TheyCallMeBT Well-Known Member

    Following up on this question, for those of you also interested in the Spigen Neo Hybrid, what kind of color combination are you guys looking at? The back looks to be black with no other options. So you thing white phone plus case with the red accent (and black back) would look any good? Or is three colors just too many?

    And what does it mean when it says that it includes one set of "Jelly Bean Home Button"? Look under the included section.

  20. Eric618

    Eric618 Well-Known Member

    I really like the Incipio NGP cases. it's a hybrid between hard plastic and soft rubber. It seems they don't offer one for the GS4. That sucks. Any other casemakers offer a similar material?
  21. KupKrazy

    KupKrazy Well-Known Member

    Of course someone's going to mention the big bulky Otterbox cases.. :D :D :D This time it will be me. LOL

    I had the Commuter case for my GS3 and I really did like it even if it did add a little bulk (thought nowhere as much as the Defender series). It made me comfortable that it was protected but even so - it's not as sleek as some of the ones above. My phone survived a few drops, so I think I'll try it again.

    I'll probably get another Commuter case for the GS4 unless something else strikes my fancy before it comes out (I think it doesn't come out until the 30th).

    Samsung Galaxy S4 cover | Commuter Series by OtterBox
  22. archer75

    archer75 Well-Known Member

    I like the samsung flipcover case with the window. However I don't want to pay $60 on their site. Is there another place to get them cheaper?
  23. TheyCallMeBT

    TheyCallMeBT Well-Known Member

    Does anyone make third party back door covers so you can add a little bit of color to your phone without adding any bulkiness with an actual cover?
  24. cary328is

    cary328is Well-Known Member

    I ordered one of these:


    an Otterbox, and one Spigen Neo Hybrid. I like switching cases :)
  25. KupKrazy

    KupKrazy Well-Known Member

    Did you say you ordered 3 cases? lol sweet - I've thought about that. Sometimes you want a different look or bulkiness based on what you're doing that day..

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