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  1. Hi guys,

    I just bought a brand new galaxy s4 and have it now already a week. The problem is it changes some settings after rebooting like ringtone and alarm tone and stuff... it's so annoying!!

    How can i solve this??

  2. Rukbat

    Rukbat Well-Known Member

    Find your nearest carrier's service center (the place that actually fixes the phones) and take it in. Mine's going back tomorrow. I use the Nova launcher, but every so often I find myself closing a program and being back in the native Samsung launcher. One press of the Home button fixes it, but it's annoying, and it could point to other problems.

    At least gget it on the record that the phone was defective from the start. Then you have a strong case for a warranty swap if it waits until the warranty expires before it dies.
  3. I already solved it man.. . The problem was those sounds were saved in the external sd card. Now i copied them to the device's memory and rebooted and everything was the same as before.

    Ok normally it shouldn't give problems with items that are saved to a sd card but ok.. we can't do anything about it other then save to the device's memory.

    I'm not going to bring my phone so fast for every little problem man just because i have warranty.. .

    Another problem is that when you bring it to the service you're for so long without it.. and i can't miss it.

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