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  1. xxoutshinedxx

    xxoutshinedxx Member

    I have a rooted Galaxy S4 VRUAME7/Verizon/SCH-1545 running android 4.2.2

    I have three issues that have to do with phone calls that have popped up recently. #1 while in a phone call my phone will dial random digits. Not entire phone numbers like from my contact list.. just random digits. I can't even hear it. The person on the other end can though and it's very annoying to them as you can imagine. And the numbers do show up in my dial screen.

    #2 A lot of the time when I'm dealing with an automated service and it asks me to press a number. I'll open up the keypad and press the number but it will not register that it has been pressed. I usually just have to end up finding a land line.

    #3 My phone will automatically mute itself sometimes during a call, which of course makes the other person think it was a dropped call and they hang up, also very frustrating.

    I'm not an android technical genius by any means so all I've know to try to to run some cache and junk cleaners along with anti-virus scans hoping
    that may fix the issue. So far none of those things have.

    Another thing I've noticed is that when I download a dialer app, and I've tried several now. The app works fine until it gets to the point of actually making a phone call. Then the app will not show up when I make a call. In other words when the screen pops up asking me which app I want to use to complete the call the downloaded dialer app is never listed. only "Phone" and "Text now". Also it will not let me set any dialer app as my default app. I can clear defaults under the regular phone app, but I have no option to set up a new dialer app as my default. It's simply not listed.

    I was thinking of freezing the system phone via titanium backup and then maybe that would force a scenario where I could use a dialer app as a default, or just delete the system phone altogether. Neither of which I'm sure is a good idea since like I said I'm no android technical wiz.

    Either way. Do any of you have any idea what may be causing these issues and what the corresponding fix would be? Keep in mind I know very little about these things but I can take detailed instruction well at least. I don't even know what "flashing a ROM" is etc. My phone is only rooted and I've only learned what little I have through Youtube videos honestly. Thanks in advance guys. You guys are always so helpful and knowledgeable that it amazes me.

    PS: I first started noticing these issues when I installed lucky patcher and I also moved my titanium backup files from my phone to my laptop just to give myself more room on my phone. Lucky patcher froze my phone. It would not work at ALL, so I uninstalled it.. and then I had a scenario where after a restart it would get stuck on the Verizon bootup screen and never go past it. I had to take my battery completely out and wait about 1 minute, put the battery back in and after several attempts it finally got past the Verizon screen but it would only get past it about 1 out of every 10 attempts. For whatever reason that issue worked itself out though and now I have no problem restarting my phone, but I'm just wondering if one of those two things I did that day could have caused this issue, installing lucky patcher, or moving my backup files over.

  2. electricpete

    electricpete Well-Known Member

    I'd be suspicious of lucky patcher. Complicated program that tinkered with things and possible mal ware.

    Some things to try:

    clear cache on the phone app.

    Maybe clear data on the phone app...not sure if that itself would cause problems though.

    Clear phone cache

    Think about factory reset.
  3. xxoutshinedxx

    xxoutshinedxx Member

    Already cleared all caches to to cleared on my phone.

    Not really sure what you mean by clear ''data'' and how do you go about doing that?

    Factory reset... ouch!.. I guess i could and then just put it back the way it was via a titanium backup.. but I'm really looking at that as a last resort.. but thanks.

    But somebody answer this for me.. CAN you just remove the stock phone system application altogether and replace it with another one.. The problem is I may be getting a dialer and the actual system phone application confused. I thought they were one and the same, maybe not. I thought once you downloaded a dialer that was suppose to replace you stock phone.. but maybe that isn't the case.. at least it doesn't seem to be, because ya I can install any dialer and everything looks different UNTILL I actually make the call, then it only gives me the option to complete the call via the regular system phone software..Is that normal? Or when I go to make a call and that box pops up and ask me how i want to complete the call should the dialer be showing up as an option? Because it's not.. The only option It's giving me is either the regular system phone software or text now.
  4. electricpete

    electricpete Well-Known Member

    Settings/more/manage apps/all/phone/clear data (above[​IMG] clear cache). I"m not sure what result this would have, but I'd try it before factory reset. Maybe others will give you better options.
  5. xxoutshinedxx

    xxoutshinedxx Member

    Ok thank you. I'll look up what clearing the data would actually do. Just don't want to erase anything like contacts etc. But if it's safe it's definitely worth a shot.

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