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  1. travisce

    travisce New Member


    I have a Dual-SIM Galaxy S4 GT-I9502 (Android version 4.2.2, baseband I9502ZNUCMF2, kernel 3.4.5-848374, build JDQ39.I9502ZNUBMG2). I have flashed, rooted, and installed Google Play.

    I have two sim cards in this device, both are US AT&T cards. The first sim card slot works properly and permits network connectivity. I am able to connect with either sim card in the first sim slot. The problem I have is with the second sim slot. The sim card (either one) is recognized by the device in the second slot and shows the phone number, but it is unable to connect to AT&T. The second sim slot supports 2G GSM 850/900/1800/1900 which should work with US AT&T.

    However, the second sim slot only lists US T-Mobile 2G network. I tested with a friend's T-Mobile SIM card, and it does connect properly. The previous owner of the phone was using T-Mobile, so the phone worked for him as well.

    I called AT&T and they did configure my account to allow connections from that IMEI. This didn't help, however.

    I am wondering if the non-stock ROM or Google Play might be interfering, or if I'm just missing something obvious. Thanks in advance for any advice!


  2. travisce

    travisce New Member

    Let me ask, does anyone have the GT-I9502 in the US and is successfully using this phone with two SIM cards from AT&T?

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