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  1. jshrop6004

    jshrop6004 New Member


    Been reading the forum for several months since purchase of a Mustang with Pioneer AVIC Z3 installed. Wanting to mirror my Galaxy S4 to the Z3 screen. Bought this cable on Fleabay:

    Newest MHL Micro USB to RCA HDTV Adapter AV Cable for Samsung Galaxy S4 S3 s IV | eBay

    Power the cable through the usb, hook video(yellow), audio(red&white) to the video in RCA's on back of unit. Set the settings to video on, external off. Getting awesome sound but picture is colored lines static, it is getting something because when you change the screen on the phone the z3 screen changes color as well. Any suggestions? Possible that I need an HDMI back to analog(RCA) adapter? Wanting to keep all the connections hid in console & if that's the case I am running out of power ports.

    Awesome board, thanks for the help

    Joel S.

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  2. 01gringo

    01gringo Active Member

    Only thing I can suggest would to make sure they are genuine Samsung cables. I have the mhl cable for my s4 to run on my car...............only get good video with genuine Samsung cable!
  3. bobolinko

    bobolinko Well-Known Member

    I have a Pioneer HU also, and use my cell on it as a GPS adapter, Makes calls, and gets e-mail and text on-screen, and can also send them too. I play all of my hundreds of mp3 music while I use the NAV and it stops the music when the NAV has audio output. I think what you need is the Mirror-Link adapter for the unit. Depending on the type of phone you have, it uses the DriveLink.apk file to translate the video to the HU and everything really clear. I can also play my movies with it too....

    leave a note if you cannot find a Drivelink for the GS4. I have a Modded Drivelink.apk that the GS4 can use for the link-up. I am just thrilled with the unit I have! There is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING BETTER!

    Sad to say, I think the cable you bought is to attach your phone to a HDTV, and not the Auto stereo you have. HDTV uses a much higher scan rate for the video, thus your display cannot acomodate that high a frequency.
  4. jshrop6004

    jshrop6004 New Member

    Thanks for the reply, the cable I bought has RCA jacks at the end(output), tried it on the RCA input of my HDTV, no sound or picture. Hooked up to the Pioneer it does get sound but no pic. Given that the Pioneer Z3 is from 2008, I am on the verge of replacing it with a head unit that has HDMI inputs.

    I think the mirror technology will be the future of automobile audio. No CD/DVD drives or NAV on the head unit to become obsolete in 2 or 3 years, only the screen to mirror the phone that is generally replaced every 2-3 years. Maybe FM radio but that would be all it would need. Thanks for the info.

    Joel S.

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