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  1. Jakethe5nake

    Jakethe5nake New Member

    Music spotify and video pause when network changes. No network to network. Network to wifi etc

    This is defineltly happens when network changes

    So annoying please help

  2. Darnell0216

    Darnell0216 Well-Known Member

    It would help if we knew exactly what music you were listening to and what videos you were watching.

    - Spotify streams music, so of course it will have to reconnect to the internet when you change networks.
    - Google Play Music (if that's what you're using) streams as well, unless you hit the settings for songs to download to the phone to play locally or are using it to play music you already have on your SD card.
    - What videos? YouTube streams from the internet so it will reconnect as well.

    The only way to prevent the pausing is to keep Wi-Fi disabled until you're done listening/watching if you're streaming something. By default, all internet activity switches to Wi-Fi when you connect to it and vice versa going back to the mobile network.
  3. Jakethe5nake

    Jakethe5nake New Member

    Sorry to be clear spotify music that is downloaded to the phone. I've tried also running spotify in offline mode too- same thing. Other music on phone and sd card using poweramp to play or default music app. Video on phone or sd card played using mxplayer.
  4. Jakethe5nake

    Jakethe5nake New Member


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