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  1. DoubleABmore

    DoubleABmore New Member

    I'm a new android user and moved from apple because of the beatiful camera capabilities of the s4. I was a little dissapointed when using the camera because it seems like the picture the phone actually takes is substantially darker than what's shown in the camera's preview screen when in the camera app.

    As soon as the camera snaps the shot and you go into gallery, the screen darkens and image looks much darker than what appeared on the preview. I've tried every setting and mode but can't solve this. I'm taking these pics in normal mode with auto flash..

    Any help? Anyone else experience this?

  2. hbryder

    hbryder Well-Known Member

    I know this may sound weird, but the camera might have auto brightness while shooting, have you turned up the brightness all the way when viewing them? I would also try some different settings to see if you get different results.
  3. gandi

    gandi New Member

    That's normal. You need to turn on automatic brightness (in drag down menu) to see nice bright pictures.

    My sugesstion is to turn auto mode on later, cos it will give you few minutes (or hours) longer battery life.
  4. gandi

    gandi New Member

    Take a look:


    On the right screenshoot you can see slider for manual screen brightness adjustment.
  5. DoubleABmore

    DoubleABmore New Member

    Got it. Thanks for the help!

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