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Galaxy S4 Restore after Factory ResetSupport

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  1. mikebanks385

    mikebanks385 New Member

    I had two Galaxy S4s and I gave one to my friend. Prior to giving him the Galaxy S4, I decided to factory reset the phone (in settings backup and reset). The thing is, I dont remember if I unchecked all the backup options (automatic restore and backup my data) prior to the factory reset. I also dont remember if the backup settings were enabled on the device during the time I used it. The problem is that I did the factory reset and everything but when the device restarted after the factory reset, I didnt touch anything and left it as is then I brought it to my friend. Now Im scared that all my texts and emails may have been restored after the reset which I hope did not happen. I had some very important personal information on that phone. Do you think the texts and emails could have been restored or I would have to put my google account information in the phone for it to be restored?

  2. ironass

    ironass Well-Known Member

    Hello and welcome to Android Forums mikebanks385! :)

    The settings, apps, etc; would only be re-sync'd to your account if you, or he/her, signed in with your gmail account and password.
  3. mikebanks385

    mikebanks385 New Member

    Thank you very much ironass you really put my mind at ease. I was really worried that he could read all my texts,emails and other sensitive info. So if I understand correctly, after device is wiped out in factory reset, it will restart as if I just bought it brand new out of the box with nothing saved? And if I would want to restore all my texts and emails, I would have to enter all my google information again and if I don't nothing will be restored right?
  4. ironass

    ironass Well-Known Member

    Your texts will not be restored but once you have sync'd with your email account/s, they will be restored.
  5. mikebanks385

    mikebanks385 New Member

    Thanks. It seems like there are several ways of backing up texts. Are text backed up through Samsung account, Gmail sync or Google Cloud?

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