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Galaxy S4:The Most Amazing unboxing video ever created for a mobile device! I swear!General

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  1. tolisHD

    tolisHD Member

    Hi! I am Tolis from Greece and I made this amazing(I think) video for the Galaxy S4!
    I tried to create this short movie of me getting the Galaxy S4 in a "magical way"...
    and to make you immerse yourself into this 3D world and feel the excitement I felt
    opening the box and discovering what was inside!
    Plus it has some funny(kind of) moments!

    I have never seen anything like this for an unboxing video on a mobile device!
    It's 3D animation combined with greenscreen real-time video and special effects!

    Thanks God for my 8-core CPU with its liquid cooler that render all night long during the last 2 weeks!
    Hope you guys like it! Any comments appreciated!

    Watch it in YouTube here -> Galaxy S4

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  2. hosta

    hosta Member

    Hahah, dude, that's pretty funny
    Nice job
  3. masturblastur

    masturblastur Member

  4. herege

    herege New Member

    Very nice Tolis :-D

    Enjoy your S4 :)

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