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galaxy s4 wont turn onSupport

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  1. h0und10

    h0und10 Member

    my gs4 just turned off on me today while in pocket and wont come back on.
    I can not get it to come on with anything i do...
    i can press volume up, power, and home and it will vibrate quickly and the screen does a weird flicker thing but other than that it stays completely black..
    how do i tell if is the screen or battery? or something else?
    i got it online launch day and it is with sprint i had the screen replaced a month ago so im hoping it is that since that is still under warranty
    it will not come on plugged into a computer or wall, with multiple chargers..
    am i right to assume its either the screen or harware since it still vibrates that tells me the battery is good..


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