Galaxy S5 on Virgin Mobile?

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  1. Ping0

    Ping0 Well-Known Member

    Rumor has it that we will be getting the galaxy S5 on same date as the big companies, was wondering if the great team the S3 community for vm will be upgrading?

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  2. Tokens210

    Tokens210 Well-Known Member

    for me currently no, not at this time, i just got my s3 pretty recently

    my brother who also has an s3 has been looking into them and found pretty much all over the web says there not worth it as there pretty much identical to the s4 just a few things here and there are different

    also someone i believe on here also mentioned that the s4's blocking of custom roms and recovery was increased over the S3, and that the S5 is rumored to be pretty much locked down

    of course that will most likely change once users get there hands on it but for me personally being able to load a custom recovery and rom are part of my phone decision making process, if it cant do it or if it requires me to jump thru hoops to do it, ill just go with a different phone lol
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  3. FatalIll

    FatalIll Well-Known Member

    I won't just yet, depending on the pricepoint, which I suppose will be roughly the same as S3 when it came out for Virgin, give or take 100$.

    As for "locked down" HA. It's already been rooted and Chainfire is having fun showing Samsung that they can't protect anything. The only thing that stops us, is KNOX, which will be dealt with in due time.

    ROMs and Rooting is already available for S5. ;)
  4. sean19661

    sean19661 Well-Known Member

    I can imagine the price on that phone when I got my s3 I paid $ 400.00
  5. marco562

    marco562 Well-Known Member

    I wont ether get the s5 yet.. ill probably w8 until price drops ..that thing most likely be around $500....I paid $400+tax for the S3 now its half the price.
  6. Ab5traktion

    Ab5traktion Well-Known Member

    Actually, the price will more than likely be around the $600-$650 price range.
  7. richking34

    richking34 Well-Known Member

    If anything, i hope they get the old HTC one or the New one, I love those phones so damn much!
  8. FatalIll

    FatalIll Well-Known Member

    The Specs of the M8 are just a tad bit behind the S5, noticeably for someone who cares about specs (me), but HTC hasn't gone nuts with locking their phone down like Samsung has. They allow unlocking of the bootloader, IIRC, but I heard the battery isnt removable? Could be wrong.

    Also, shell out 600+ and get the M8 completely unlocked from HTC and throw it on Virgin Mobiles network. ;)
  9. richking34

    richking34 Well-Known Member

    The thing is , specs have started to become null, this phone with its dual core and 2 gigs of ram still flys on CM. I really like the design of the one, but all the work done on this phone is still my favorite, just my 2 cents. ;)
  10. Darien153

    Darien153 Well-Known Member

    I can wait. The next big thing will have to definitely wait :) I just got my S3 and I'm totally satisfied with it.
  11. Seanette

    Seanette Well-Known Member

    Same here, Darien. I think I've only had my current phone for a month now, definitely less than two. I do need to figure out evading Knox to gain root access so I can get rid of bloatware and change my startup animation.
  12. XAL2

    XAL2 Well-Known Member

    I'm thinking about upgrading. I've had in S3 just about since a month it came out. So I kind of want something new. As for Knox, yea I'm not really that worried about it at all because there will be people who can find ways around it.
  13. TheBritton

    TheBritton Resident Galaxy Cat

    Moved to the general Virgin Mobile carrier forum.

    Just a reminder to everyone that the All Things Root sections are for root related topics :)

    Hope this helps! Thanks!
  14. aml1025

    aml1025 Well-Known Member

    I've had my S3 since November and I'm not at all tempted by the S5. When the S3 does everything I want, I don't see the point in upgrading to something newer and much more expensive. Guess I've been on a tight budget long enough that I no longer have that "early adopter" impulse :)

    When I do get a new phone I'm hoping there will be a newer HTC to consider getting - after having the chance to compare, I'm finding I prefer the way they do things. But who knows? Something else may become available that will change my mind yet again ;)
  15. android_kitty

    android_kitty Well-Known Member

    hiya OP; i float between the boost and virgin forums; i made a post there called "Payment Options for Samsung Galaxy S5 + April 11th Launch Date" if you want to check that out. it has been denounced that this device wont come to prepaid on the 11th, but sometime around the 2nd week of may. let me know what u think. i currently have a F3 on virgin right now, but considering switching to boost, i havent made up my mind yet, but i definitely will be getting this phone!
  16. Tokens210

    Tokens210 Well-Known Member

    Well the issue with locking down the phones comes from 2 directions, the phone manufacturers and laws, the last round of electronic laws passed the phone companies and manufacturers tried to make it a federal law that rooting and custom Roms and unlocking would be punishable by law

    They were actually able to pass the phone unlocking law due to all the ppl who bought phones like the iPhone then just resold them to make a profit

    If they ever allow the companies to pass a law regarding root and custom Roms I'll just put my phone in a draw and forget I ever had it lol

    Kinda like somehow Microsoft was able to weazle in a law packaged in another law that states even opening your Xbox console is punishable by something wild like no less then 10 years in jail, they then tries to sue a man who was flashing xboxs by using his customers as key witnesses lol the judge laughed at Microsoft and threw the case out but it still is in the laws now lol

    Also regarding Knox, its already been proven to be a weakness in Samsung, that's why I was hoping they just can it but they won't lol, there have been articles about Knox devices being malware bombed and that Knox was created for gov. Ppl to be able to use instead of having 2 phones yet Samsung phones are banned at gov. Meetings cause there not secure lol
  17. Revenant Ghost

    Revenant Ghost VIP Member VIP Member

    I've had my Evo V for almost 2 years, and I'm definitely due for an upgrade. I was thinking about picking up the GS3, but I guess that's now a moot point with the GS5 just around the corner. And I don't think Knox is a big deal either. Just give ROM development a little more time to deal with it.
  18. 24twentysix

    24twentysix Active Member

  19. android_kitty

    android_kitty Well-Known Member

  20. Kaat72

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  21. mogelijk

    mogelijk Well-Known Member

  22. android_kitty

    android_kitty Well-Known Member

    Sorry they were changing the url when I made that post
  23. Palmetto Fellow

    Palmetto Fellow Well-Known Member

    I'll be avoiding the S5 for quite some time. I don't want Knox, and I also don't want to pay $600+ for a prepaid phone. It should be $400-ish this Christmas. I'll look to strike then, if Knox is dealt with by then.

    The manufacturers and carriers can keep pushing, but we'll push back. I'll start voting with my wallet soon enough. Lock the phone down, I'll buy elsewhere.

    Those Nexus phones are starting to look nicer everyday. We need to find a way to get one on VM ;)
  24. yogosans14

    yogosans14 Active Member

    Im seriously debating where or not to get that new LG volt!Looks AMAZING
  25. Firewill10

    Firewill10 Well-Known Member

    Galaxy s5 sales are now live on ciegin mobile web site

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