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  1. ericandernie

    ericandernie New Member

    My Samsung Galaxy SII has developed an annoying habit. It's got plenty of charge in the battery and then bam! It switches off. I try switching it back on and it says the battery is dead. I try again after five minutes and it switches on, it has a low battery level showing, and then it gradually gets back to the 'true' battery level. This seems to happen when I'm listening to music/radio and also playing a game or using the net. Anyone got any ideas? Do I need a new battery?

  2. naith_kk

    naith_kk Well-Known Member

    It describes two things: bad battery calibration, or literally, a dead battery.

    1. Clean both the phone and battery contacts
    2. Try the Battery Calibration technique mentioned here...

    if the problem continues to persist, then its time to get a new battery.
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  3. ericandernie

    ericandernie New Member

    I tried the calibration but it happened again today. It seems to happen when I'm listening to music or the radio, and then also play a game or use facebook or some other web app. I drive for a living and the phone is plugged in to the charger most of the day. Could that be the problem? I've ordered a new battery though just in case it's the battery that's the problem. I suppose I'd rather it was the battery than the phone that was going wrong.
  4. naith_kk

    naith_kk Well-Known Member

    In my personal opinion, I would delay the purchase of the battery until I'm sure that the battery is confirmed bad.

    To continue with diagnostics, how long have you used your phone in such manner to the point it began to display these issues? Have you updated your phone's software/firmware recently? I notice that these apps you used frequently - keep the screen on most of the time and that produces heat... charging the battery during such use also contributes to heating - so if you've been using your phone for lengthy periods of time in these conditions, its likely that the battery is exposed to high temperatures and will degrade in efficiency overtime.

    There is that possibility of your battery connectors are not firmly connected to your phone. You may want to try wedging a folded piece of paper on the bottom of the battery to push the contacts closer together and to reduce the possibility of the contacts being disconnected caused by vibration (driving at times, can cause the connectors to loosen on road bumps, etc.) Give that a try and see if the phone still dies or not.

    I'm going to assume here that your phone is not rooted. However, If you've rooted your phone and have done some tweaking recently, a good suggestion would be to disable the tweaks for the time being for diagnosis and should your phone no longer produce the problem; you can gradually turn on those tweaks one by one to help you identify and avoid which tweak is causing your battery to become problematic.
  5. arundel99

    arundel99 New Member

    This problem was driving me crazy with my S2, which I otherwise love. I had to remove and reinsert the battery at least once a day. The warranty CSRs I spoke with always suggested trying a new charging cord, which I dismissed as unlikely. But after getting a new battery and repeatedly trying calibration with no improvement, I went ahead and tried a new cord (and charged from the laptop usb port in case the charger plug adapter was involved). Sure enough, the problem disappeared right away. When I look closely at the old cord, I can tell that it does not sit quite right in the micro usb port compared to the new one. I guess they had bad QC on the manufacturing floor for the charging cords. Anyway, I hope this option works for some of you frustrated S2 users out there.

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