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Galaxy SII (I777) Battery problemsSupport

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  1. alexsu25

    alexsu25 New Member

    having some pretty short lived battery life. i want to try and downgrade to official firmware2.3.4 n see if that helps, i am new to android and have no idea how to do this. also i don't want to root(at least not for a little while). can someone help me with this?


    samsung galaxy s 2 I777, the US att version

  2. westie66

    westie66 New Member

    I have the same problem with SGH-i777 ATT ICS update. The Samsung tech support told me it was not possible to revert back. I have just discovered that if you run in safe mode the battery life goes back to normal, only dissadvantage is that your apps are not loaded. In safe mode, apps that are on your home screen still seem to work. There is obviously a problem with how ICS loads apps in background? Anyway at least you can have the use of your phone back until they sort it out. To activate safe mode, turn phone off, turn on and hold down the menu button, bottom left.

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