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Galaxy SII Tethering Mystery

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  1. Philminator

    Philminator Member

    so I have a Galaxy SII and it's been a while now that I tether off it to help save my gf from using up her 10 GB cap on her turbo hub. What I've noticed is something very odd. I play World of Warcraft, stream youtube on 720P constantly, downloading 500 MB files quite often and 3 weeks into my billing cycle I'm at 54 MB out of 6000 MB used. I am running an 4.0.3 ICS official Russian Rom or wherever it's from. and I am currently non rooted but even when I'm rooted I get this mystery of how is it Bell is not charging me for my youtube, WoW and download usage? it's been like this for months and it seems too good to be true. What's going on here? have I somehow managed to tether undetected? how did I do this? and no wifi is off and it's not going onto my gf's turbo hub as I disconnect it to make sure lol

  2. Philminator

    Philminator Member

    no comments anyone? :(
  3. Philminator

    Philminator Member

    2 months and not one person has ever encountered this or knows what it could mean?
  4. ativeron

    ativeron Member

    Shhh count your blessing's....or delete the post soo nobody catches on lol

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